Next Spider-Man may not be Peter Parker

Catching up on RSS feeds, there never is enough time My inbox is full of stories I need to get to, this is one of them.
So, the next Spider-man might not be Peter Parker, or if he is Peter Parker, he may not be white.

Jeff Sneider from The Wrap just dropped a potential bomb regarding the next Spider-Man on the Meet the Movie Press podcast, which he co-hosts with Mark Reilly from Schmoes Know.
“This is not set in stone guys, but I’m telling you right now: Spider-Man is not going to be white,” Jeff Sneider revealed. When Reilly asked him if that was speculation, Jeff replied, “I am 95% sure.”

Now the key here is Miles Morales first appearance in Ultimate Fallout #4. Prices have already started going up. It is a good time to search the back issue bins and flip, or get and hold. This one is up in the air since it is not definite so I am pulling my copy to sell and digging for more.

9 thoughts on “Next Spider-Man may not be Peter Parker”

      1. I bought 5 copies Nm at 1.25 each 1 month ago on Amazon and even had seller combine shipping..great deal. Do I wait to flip? Sell maybe 3 of them now and hold ..or hold all.?..hmmmm…

  1. Sell one and its a few free books to play with later with zero risk. The print run I beleive is around 70,000 so plenty more with flood ebay if Miles is selected.

  2. love that speculation I doubt Miles will be the next Spider-man.Three origin stories in 13 years. I agree with Kelly though sell One.

  3. I grabbed between 30-40 copies over a month ago from a 50 cent bin because of the talk that Miles would end up in the proper 616 universe, figuring maybe they’d hit $10 each. This hype / rumor / someone on a website talking outta his butt about something that will never happen is as good as any. I have 5 copies left

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