X-Force #19 One to watch

Here is a “find it cheap in the back issues” and flip scenerio. Or you could hold it until the Deadpool movie. X-Force #19 has popped up in value recently due to the casting of Morena Baccarinas in the Deadpool Movie.download
Most people are spec-ing that Morena will be playing Copycat aka Vanessa Carlyse. X-Force #19 is the first appearance of Copycat in her true form. Copycat first appeared in the hugely popular New Mutants #98, which is now priced out of many people’s range. So this is a fairly cheap way to get in on it.
X-Force #19 is selling in the $10-25 range depending on condition but there are copies starting for less.

13 thoughts on “X-Force #19 One to watch”

  1. Picked up 18 & 19 for 6 bucks a while back. Must refrain from selling until the movie. The temptation…it’s strong…

  2. I’m glad I picked up 4 of these from my LCS’s dollar bin a couple days ago. They had 6 others but they were in poor condition.

  3. Man, I think I’m getting “speculation fatigue.” I hit 3 shops this weekend and didn’t find much of anything. It’s getting harder to keep up with all this stuff. I may have to take a break for a while from the hunt and enjoy reading what everyone else has found.

  4. Im going against the Grain here ..Ive been telling Tony that I think it will be Anastasia, the cover girl for Deadpool #46, lets go with why …with the right hair Morena Baccarin is almost a dead ringer..She is also a deadpool love interest..her story arc provides a great base for a movie.Copy Cat is has blue skin..so does another Fox property (Mystique) No sense of wasting make up to do Copy cat when you have a beauty who is a dead ringer for a deadpool rival/love interest.Just my thoughts..its a low rick high reward spec..Copies on ebay roughly around 7-10 bucks

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