18 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr. Tweets Iron Man news in 8 days”

  1. I never buy second prints, but if you think Morales will be in the movies I’m sure they will go up in value… What I’m doing is getting my 1st prints graded because they are going for ridiculous amounts for anything above a 9.0. If you buy a first print at the current going price of $35.00, get them graded for $18.00, and sell them for between $100-$350 you are making a good return.

      1. And try to go for a nm/mint copy because there is a large margin between a 9.6’s and 9.8’s ($130ish and $300ish based on the most recent sold listings).

      2. The other risk is that people are probably trying to do the same thing I’m doing and getting theirs graded… The price is going so high because people are crazy and because there are only 54 total 9.8 CGC Ultimate Fallout 4 1st prints in the Census so there are very few being sold on ebay.

      3. But they might have already chosen Morales to be the next spider man because Donald Glover stopped rallying for the next Spider-man to be Morales saying that he wanted the next spider-man movie to be good and psychologically if I were him I would keep rallying for Morales to be the next spider-man until they gave me the part.

      4. It’s also in Marvel’s better interest to pick Morales because they will generate: larger profits from greater awareness of the new character (to sell more comic books), a greater sense of ethnic diversity in characters (there are not many big time non-white comic book characters in movies), a new fresh start to the Spider-man franchise (which has been hurt because Toby McGuire’s movies were much better than the new guy that is playing Spider-man now), and if they choose Miles Morales it will cause a more updated link between the current Spider-man comic books and the movies.

  2. I don’t think a look at vision is big enough news for Downey Jr. to tweet about… (only die hard fans care about that)

    1. IDK. Vision is highly anticipated. A deeper look at him or a trailer that actually features a new character to the masses is big news. But let’s be honest, we don’t have any idea what it will be. Like I said though, I’m hopeful it’s a better look at vision.

  3. Not buying Morales as Spider-Man. Execs have already said it’s Parker. Maybe the rumors are true that he’s not white, but that doesn’t mean he’s not Peter Parker. If I can find some cheap copies of Fallout #4 then so be it, but I’m not sold enough to pay $70+ for NM issues like some have been doing. And there is zero chance it goes to Glover. Way too old…too much buzz that they’re going back to a younger Parker. Good chance someone that’s legitimately in their teens.

  4. Apologies for the random post!! My 11 year old and I are relatively new to comic collecting and was curious as to your opinion. Is it wiser to flip comics that recently gain attention (Avengers 144 -first hellcat, Avengers – first Mantis, Hulk 324 reappearance of gray hulk) and put that money toward more classics ( first avengers, first appearance of wolverine, etc) or do u think these recent hot comics will stand the test of time? Thank you in advance for your insight!!

      1. Thanks! I guess the questionthen is what is a true key :). Perhaps true keys have already shown themselves. I cant imagine ‘newfound’ keys to silver/bronze age holding much value decades down the line. IE hellcat, mantis, gray hulk.

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