The Spec of the Mat Fraction and Kelly Sue Deconnick deal

We mentioned the the other day that Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue Deconnick signed a deal that would bring Sex Criminals to TV. That was a good one to hear. There are other books worth looking at that are still cheap and could come to TV.
Let’s start with Kelly Sue’s books first.
Kelly Sue has had some high profile Marvel books, especially Captain Marvel, but we know they will not be part of the deal, however Captain Marvel will be coming to the cinema.
To me the most obvious book is Pretty Deadly. There are several variants for the first issue and most can be found fairly cheap. This is a good book, at least I thought so, that will be picking back up with new issues soon.
Her other big creator owned series is Bitch Planet. Again, an easy and cheap pick up.
Matt Fraction, similar to Kelly Sue, also has done a lot of properties for Marvel. Take these off the table. Let’s look at Matt’s creator owned series.
Matt’s earliest creator owned book (serialized and not in graphic novel form) was Rex Mantooth, which ran in Double Take #6, #7, and #7.
Cassanova is another series to be looked at because it is easily adaptable and can be picked up on the cheap. Another easily adapted book is Satellite Sam (think of it as a sleazier Mad Men, but about TV and not advertising.) Sex Criminals is a lock, also look for the low printed Tijuana Bible as well. Tijuana Bible is Fractions most recent creator owned series that should be looked at. This one will be harder to adapt, depending on where it lands but copies can be picked up cheap still. Of his graphic novels, the one that would be fun to adapt, and can be picked up on the cheap is Five Fists of Science,

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      1. The hype is strong on that book with the announcement. Now is as good a time as any to cash in. Never know if the show will actually be developed and aired.

        1. Exactly. Right now will be it’s first peak. If you make back your money (if you bought multiple copies originally), make your quick profit now.. paying off your original investment with some extra.. then hold onto one or a few for a possible jump in value if the show actually does come about.

  1. Bitch Planet is actually pretty awesome. I’m enjoying the series a lot. What about her run on Captain Marvel? The series isn’t bad and with Captain Marvel coming to the screen soon could that series be one to continue in my pull box?

  2. Sorry to say that Fraction’s “Tijuana Bible” isn’t a series, it was a bagged mini-comic included with Satellite Sam, and was part of the story in the main book. It is, well, a Tijuana Bible It was a one-off prop, and I should not expect another. As to maybe being a series “depending on where it lands”, well the book was nothing but full frontal hardcore porn, so I expect TV might be out (but that also is why its after-market value is high, as dealers shied away).

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