Spider-Gwen Themed Variants Solicted For June 

Not to be outdone by DC, Marvel has announced Spider-Gwen themed variants for June 2015.


“Spider-Gwen” was a near-instant hit when the character was first previewed last year, and is now the star of a recently launched ongoing series from Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez. Now, Marvel aims to branch that success into a variant cover theme month for June, with variants including “Gwendusa” (“Inhumans: Attilan Rising” #2), “Gwengela” (“1602 With Hunter Angela” #1), “Iron Gwen” (“Armor Wars” #1) and more on the way.

Let’s hope they do not do a Green Goblin/Spider-Gwen homage to the classic scene with Gwen tied up and hanging drom the glider lest we see more outrage over comic book covers.

10 thoughts on “Spider-Gwen Themed Variants Solicted For June ”

  1. Haven’t read #1 or #2 of spider-gwen. Its on my to do list lol. But if I like the way the book is headed and the cover art are classic ( but not to classic wink, wink DC lol)I’ll get them.

  2. What cover would you like to see spider-gwen in? I myself would like to see an ASM cover where they are doing the spider kiss. But who will be hangging from obove??? Humm!!

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