Agent Poyo's picks of the week for delivery 3/18/15

It’s spring break and Poyo is stuck at home with kid duty, trying to get things done while keeping the rascals entertained, which he might not survive, but in case he doesn’t, here’s the picks of the week (a bunch this week):
Manhattan Projects Sun Beyond The Stars #1 (Image) – Yes, MP is back, new stories.. all new format. If you haven’t read the first round of MP then well, I don’t know, you should have your gizzard checked. We all know MP #1 is still a decent book that sells well, don’t miss out on this one or you might end up paying a premium down the road for it.
Invisible Republic #1 (Image) – Wait what? They claim it’s Breaking Bad meets Blade Runner? I love both the show and movie. I sure hope it holds up. Setting my expectations high with a description like that and I don’t usually set my expectations at all.
Red One #1 (Image) – Another Image number one, Geez! A hero. A Russian spy. If this is done right, could be a monthly pickup and I see movie/show written all over for this one possibly. Let’s hope it holds up.
Silk #2 (Marvel) – Already sold out (but we know how Marvel likes to handle things, they love 2nd and 3rd printings.. ). Look for the Forbes variant at cover if you can, can be an easy flip. As for the second issue, I think it’s a hold and wait type of issue. Buy two, if it ends up being a smaller print run, could pay off down the road if she continues to gain followers and popularity.
Rise Comics Against Bullying #1 (Northwest) – We all saw how the Face Value book, this one could do the same. A comic book with good intentions behind it. Proceeds go towards GLAAD, Prism Comics, and Stand For The Silent.
Grievous Journey Of Ichabod Azrael #1 (Rebellion) – It’s a 1 of 6 mini-series but it’s about the meanest outlaw of the West, murdered by hired hands to take his journey to the underworld. Seems interesting and the covers are what really caught my attention. Expect low print runs and possibly hard to find if it gains any heat with popularity. (Remember Dredd Underbelly?)

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  1. I picked up Silk just to try and I quite liked it. I was looking for a new spider title that was fresh and different. Think I will stick with it for a while and see where it’s going

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