Wednesday Open Forum

Here it is, Wednesday, it’s like your birthday in the middle of each week. (Ironically, also my son’s birthday, Happy Birthday Joe!) New Comic Book Day.
So let’s here it, what are you picking up? What are you dropping? What books were stacked deep on the shelves and which books had disappeared?

Also, have a great giveaway coming tonight. Four big books in one go. You will not want to miss this one. Was so pumped to get them in the mail I am surprised I could wait.

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  1. My definite pickups:
    Ei8ht #2
    Strain #7
    Alex +Ada #13
    Manhattan Projects #1
    Outcast #7
    Spread #6
    Captain America #5
    Black Widow #16
    Magneto #16
    Moon Knight #13
    Punisher #16
    Silk #2
    Divinity #2
    Simpsons #219
    The likely pickups:
    Red One #1
    Invisible Republic #1
    Grievous Journey Of Ichabod Azrael #1

  2. 1. Amazing Spider-Man 16.1 (Maybe. I have a lot of comics on my pull list, and I like to have every issue in a series, but I often avoid annuals or specials. I don’t like when Marvel does these .1 issues. Is this issue and the Spiral storyline gonna have anything to do with the main story with the ghost and all that?)
    2. Hulk 13 (Deadpool gues star! really good series so far)
    3. Wolverines 11(I feel like they rotate between good art and bad art. hopefully this is a good art issue)
    4. Outcast 7 (its back finally!)
    5. Red One 1 (I think this series is gonna be big, a la Lady Killers at Dark Horse. Its from Image so its more likely than not that it will be a good story, sexy female lead, and its not getting much attention because everyone seems to be focused on Chrononauts this week)
    6. Spread 6 (waiting on issue 7 and that new action figure cover)
    7. The Strain: The Night Eternal 7 (cant wait for season 2 of the TV series!)
    8. The Kitchen (wish this was an ongoing)

    1. I usually don’t bother with the dot # issues either. It’s always Amazing Spider-Man too.. too many dot issues that have nothing to do with ongoing story most of the time.

  3. I’m not sure the answer but does loot crate have a comic in every box?
    I liked I zombie show – surprisingly good – anyone else like it?

    1. No they don’t but more an more they are starting to. I didn’t catch iZombie. Going to watch it “on-demand”. The wife actually wants to see it so it may be added to the rotation

    2. I watched it and kept thinking of all the similarities to Veronica Mars. Yes, both shows have the same creator; I knew that. It just seems like a remake.

    3. I have zero desire to watch that show for some reason. I don’t usually find myself tuning into the CW anyways.

      1. Watched it with the GF. Both thought it was good, a lot better than we were expecting.

      2. I recorded it and watched a preview with my wife to see if she’d be interested in starting it with me. It looked a lot cheesier than I remembered it being. I’ll probably give the first episode a chance.

  4. Coming at cha, from the future again!
    A light week for me spec wise, my wallet is still feeling the effects of savage *enormous* beatdown I gave it last week. Loads of good stuff to read though, and thats the main thing. So;
    Alex + Ada 13 – So rare for a story to be given the time to breath like this in an on going. Awesome stuff.
    Stray Bullet: sunshine and roses 2 – Stray Bullets is one of my all time favourites and Lapham is running things again with these new books.
    Outcast 7
    Bitch Planet 1 – 2nd print. I can see this being a film so no harm having this as well.
    Silk 2 – No 1:25 again for this, in any of the 4 shops I went to. Last one had even sold out of the regular cover. Silk is kicking Spider-Gwens arse over here.
    Bartgirl 40 – purple rain variant.
    Burning Fields 3
    Princess Leia 2
    Strange sports stories 1 – mainly cos Gilbert Hernandez has a story in it.

      1. Yeah its a cool cover dude, Hernandez story is boss. Not many in FP London town either.

  5. Bitch Planet #1 2nd Print
    Silk #2, Regular cover and 002 Phantom
    Princess Leia #2
    Outcast #7
    Chrononauts #1
    Red One #1
    Grievous Journey Of Ichabod Azrael #1

  6. I see some people picking up Alex + Ada and liking it. I’ve been liking it all along too. Looks like #1 may be going up a bit in price. MCS just bumped their NM price to $10.

  7. Batgirl Endgame 1
    Batgirl 40
    Chrononauts 1
    Frankenstein Underground 1
    Invisible Republic 1
    New Avengers 31
    Plunder 2
    Princess Leia 2
    Red One 1
    Shaper 1
    Silk 2
    Thor 6
    AMS 16.1
    Divinity 2
    Green Lantern New Guardians 40
    Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael 1
    Guardians Team-up 3
    Hulk 13
    Manhattan Project Sun Beyond the Stars 1
    Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars 2
    Superman 39
    Oh , my wallet has filed a restraining order against me!!

  8. 3 titles for me this week.
    Eternal #3. I liked the first issue but not really the 2nd. This is just a 4 part mini series so i’ll stick with it but if it was an ongoing i’d probably be dropping it.
    Plunder #2 I missed this one when it was first released. Had my shop order it for me and received issue one last week. Lots of blood and gore!! This one has the feel of the original horror comics before the seal watered them down.
    Kitchen #5 A solid series that only has 3 issues left after this.

  9. I don’t usually pick up #2 2nd prints but anyone pick up Rumble #2 2nd Print? It’s a sketch variant.. very nicely done, couldn’t resist picking it up.

  10. Silk 2 (Forbes Variant, Phantom Color Variant, & reg cover)
    All New Captain America
    Superman (Harley Variant)
    TMNT ongoing
    I picked up Forbes Variant for $10 from LCS and Phantom is shipping soon. That came out to $16 after tax and shipping. Are these quick flips or is anyone thinking of holding onto them as longer term investments?

      1. I’m thinking of doing sets of the silk, spider-gwen and deadpool ones, will probably wait for a bit before i sell though, and will keep one set for the PC.

  11. Alex + Ada #13
    Black Widow #16
    Divinity #2 – wondering about this one. Only had 3 copies on the shelf. Store owner said they regretted under ordering it since they had received calls all week asking if they were going to be in stock. Haven’t had a chance to read #1 so not sure if it’s quality or all the Valiant movie deal hype.
    Ei8ht #2
    Invisible Republic #1
    Manhattan Projects Sun Beyond the Stars #1
    Mind MGMT #31
    Outcast #7
    Princess Leia #2
    Red One #1
    Silk #2
    Stray Bullets Sunshine and Roses #2
    another copy of Walking Dead #138

    1. I really enjoyed Divinity. X-O Manohar was the only other Valiant I was currently reading but Divinity might be the next one to join X-O.

    2. It is speculated that Divinity is replacing Solar from the VALIANT universe. The VEI universe currently doesn’t have a god like superhero like they had w Solar. It’s too bad Dynamic got the Gold Key characters and not VEI.

        1. It was in my picks of the week you published.. 😉
          Meanie in West, killed by hired hands, sent to underworld.. something along those lines.

  12. Todays picks;
    Ei8ht #2
    Angry birds transformers #4 (for my kid)
    Red one #1 X2
    Spread #6 ( really good book its the only book that I have read up to date. All others still need to catch up lol)
    ASM # 16.1
    Marvel Uni. GOTG #2 ( for my kid)
    Silk #2 X2 ( good read so far hard to find in NM. It looks like all the shops that I went to the books had really bad spine damage). Any one here had the same problem?
    Outkast #7 ( hope the story gets better or else it will be on the drop list)

  13. Strain #7
    Outcast #7
    Magneto #16 (Did I mention how much I love this series? It is seriously amazing.)
    Silk #2
    Amazing Spiderman 16.1 with variant…cause I’m a sucker.
    Superman #38 1:100…now this set me back.
    Picked up some back issues. Nothing amazing. Found Moon Knight #20 with a reprint of werewolf by night #32 & #33 inside. Got it for a buck so I may be able to flip it.

      1. Same here. The Axis tie in was kinda lame, but the writing in the series is super solid. Especially that flashback to Nazi Germany in the beginning. Gave me the chills!

        1. Yeah, I didn’t bother with the actual AXIS storyline either.. I was able to follow along in Magneto but glad it didn’t last long.

  14. just got back from comic shop
    lady killer 2 1st print 2 copies
    bitch planet 1 2nd print
    star wars 1 2015 1st print dynamic forces signed by cassady $40
    harley quinn 12 and 15
    picked up amazing spiderman 4 1;10 variant last week for $15
    don’t tell my wife

      1. Yeah, I was gonna dump my extra copies but I think I’m gonna hold out. It heated up because it’s a good read, no media deal yet, if and when that time comes it should explode in value.
        Snatch up the 2nd prints as well.. they’re low print runs as well and could easily command some nice profit.

    1. Very nice tip.. I just nabbed 6 copies, 3 each of covers A and B. Couldn’t find the RI cover, there’s one shop that likely has it but already at a premium so I didn’t bother.

  15. Yesterday’s pick ups:
    Shaper 1
    Batgirl 40
    Strange Sports Stories
    Invisible Republic
    Invisible Republic Display
    TMNT 44 cover A x 5
    TMNT 44 cover B x 5
    Red One
    Tales from the Creep
    I was surprised no one had picked up on or picked TMNTs before yesterday…

    1. Also got Batgirl Endgame, but there is so much dialogue that I’ll finish it later. ?

  16. Just cleaned up all theTMNT 44 1/10 variants from lcs and newbury comics stores in my neighborhood. 6 total plus 5x on cover A&B
    Lady Killer #1 1st print ×2
    New suicide squad #1 variant for cover price!
    red hood and the outlaws
    Invisible republic
    Zero #15

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