Agent Poyo's Picks of the week for 3/25/15

Spring break is over. Spring has started… and it’s another Wednesday, the best day of the week. So what’s the chicken picking this week? Well, maybe we’ll have another surprise like TMNT last week.. the sleepers are always fun and make this hobby of collecting and flipping that much more exciting.
So let’s get to it:
Disney Kingdoms Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #1 (Marvel) – Expect a lower print run than most Marvel titles while also attracting those hardcore Disney fanatics like Figment attracted could raise the value of this comic soon but possibly later. Pick one up, it’s a cheap gamble especially if you can find the variants at cover.
Walking Dead #139 (Image) – Yeah, one article would only show the cover because they said almost every pane was a spoiler. What’s the spoiler? Do we learn more about Michonne’s whereabouts? We know the covers don’t always tell us what’s going on in the exact book but lately they have, what’s up with Rick staring at a boat which appears to be the ocean? Have they been sending out messengers to distant places or are messengers reaching Rick and company?
Darth Vader #3 (Marvel) – It’s already sold out at most major online stores which is unusual for a Marvel book with a likely high print run but it’s the first appearance of a new character, possibly a major character named Aphra. Pick up some extra copies if you can, could pay off later if this character becomes a force to reckon with.

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