Agent Poyo's picks of the week for delivery 4/8/15

Wednesdays, the best day of the week because it’s the day I get to make it to work a little later because my LCS are my first stops of the day.

So what’s the picks this week? Nothing really stands out, anything can heat up at a moments notice.. what you think is just another regular boring monthly issue could hold a surprise that everyone on the interwebs goes crazy for and pays at super inflated eBay prices..   

So on with the picks, might heat up, might just be good reads..   
Rebels #1 (Dark Horse) – If done right, who doesn’t like a good story that takes place back during the Revolutionary War? It’s Brian Wood so don’t expect crazy low print runs like we saw with Lady Killer recently but nonetheless, Wood has his followers and a good reputation as a writer. So I’m expecting good things from this one.
TMNT #44 2nd Printing (IDW) – Already sold out at most if not all online retailers. The death of Donatello with a new cover for the 2nd printing. But he’s not dead, at least according to #45 preview that’s been leaked. Or does he die later? Does he live..  what happens if he dies in #45 or #46? That becomes the actual death issue, will people flock to those instead of #44? Seems issue 44 is still sought after though, at a premium so pick up a copy of the 2nd print, it’s a small gamble if you can find’em. All of this could be just a ploy by IDW to just boost slugging sales for all we know..   it’s working, I’m pretty sure orders for #45 and up have now increased for sure…   
Savior #1 (Image) – McFarlane’s new comic..  could be great, could end up being a dud. But it’s likely going to have a huge print run so don’t expect to flip this one, not now at least, who knows down the road though. I’m picking it up just because it’s an Image #1, it’s McFarlane and it might be a great read. 
James Patterson’s Max Ride The First Flight #1 (Marvel) – It’s a best selling author. It’s likely got a nice fan base already. It’s a Marvel makeover but could do well if shops didn’t order as many and the fans come crawling out, seeking a copy to go along with their books of this series.

6 thoughts on “Agent Poyo's picks of the week for delivery 4/8/15”

    1. Might want to pick up a copy though of #1.. might be a small gamble. One shop only ordered about a dozen of them while another shop under ordered, didn’t have any in my area.

  1. I don’t know what their pre-orders were like but they only had 1 issue on the shelf. I go to a really small shop so i’m guessing not much. I went ahead and picked it up. I didn’t realize it was a 6 issue mini series. I thought it was going to be an ongoing.

    1. Seems Dark Horse has been focusing on mini-series rather than ongoing series though lately.
      I’m really hoping they turn Lady Killer into an ongoing series or maybe do another story arc, in chunks like The Strain is doing I’d be okay with as well.

      1. I’ve been loving Lady Killer. I swore I had read that it was going to be an ongoing after it started picking up steam but I don’t remember where I….thought….I had read that. Unless there are scheduling conflicts it seems to be selling well enough now that I’d be really surprised if they just let it die.
        Personally I don’t mind a mini-series. sometimes you get into a book that starts out great but then starts going off the rails. Then you’ve invested all of this time and money and you’ll never see the conclusion. Either that or you continue to pay for it just because. I like knowing you’ll get a complete story with a mini series and it’s usually a story that’s been well thought out. No stale ideas that attempt to keep a book going just because the author needs a paycheck. It’s probably win win for the publisher also. It lets them put out a complete arc and then dump a book that isn’t selling well. If it does become a hit, it gets converted to an ongoing and everyone is happy.

        1. Yeah, mini-series are like tv shows, sometimes you just need to end them. Like Breaking Bad, it ended perfectly.. if they tried to keep cycling Walter with new foes, it would have become redundant and they would lose viewers.. same goes for comics, some are great ongoing, others were meant to tell the story and be done with it rather quickly.

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