Mark Millar's Jupiter's Legacy to be adapted as a movie

Thanks to Ray N. and Kelly H. for the heads up.
Looks like there is another Millarworld book with a movie on the horizon. The Hollywood Reported announced that Mark Millar and Lorenzo di Bonaventurea have partnered to bring Jupiter's Legacy to the big screen.

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Jupiter’s Legacy, the superhero opus from Mark Millar, has fallen for the siren song of Hollywood.

Millar is the comic writer with a penchant for setting up his titles at studios — Kingsman: The Secret Service is his latest success, with $370 million worldwide — but he deliberately held back Legacy, which is co-created and drawn by Frank Quitely, and considered one of the author’s jewels. Until now.

Millar has partnered with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, whose recent credits include the Transformers and G.I. Joe movies, to bring the comic to the big-screen.

Meetings are underway with writers to adapt the material.

Like many recent Millar books, Jupiter's Legacy can be found cheap. I think the real spec play comes in with the Midtown Variant by J. Scott Campbell. Campbell variants are usually sought after and command a premium. It would have a smaller print run than the regular covers (I would imagine.)

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  1. Yea…..I remember buying 16 copies of this book when it came out,but with its 100,000+ print run I dont see this book holding a $20+ value

  2. Alright people.. place your bets.. which do we get first, issue 6 or the movie? My money is, we get the movie at the theaters first.. 😉

  3. The producer means nothing. Since Tony Scott passed away & Joe Canrnahan was announced as a replacement, there’s been no movement on Nemesis.

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