Variant envy: Star Wars #4 Boba Fett variant

Holy cow. Limited to 5,000 copies. Star Wars #4 Boba Fett action figure variant.

These can be ordered straight from the artist John Tyler Christopher for $20 or for a CBCS graded and signed edition for $55 more ($75 total). You can order them here.

32 thoughts on “Variant envy: Star Wars #4 Boba Fett variant”

      1. Today was actually quite low compared to the previous few weeks.. err, months. Next week even looks lighter for me. My wallet is thanking me.

      2. The little stock counter at the bottom of’s boba fett listing is down to 1500 already. Only 24 hours after putting it up for sale. I think these are going to be sought after.
        I got 4 regular, 2 CBCS signed. Selling all but one CBCS signed. Hopefully, I’ll make enough to break even on my first graded comic!

  1. What the? I was putting together a nice collection of the action figure covers.. why they gotta make this one that much harder to get (well, price wise)? Midtown has been selling these action figure variants at cover too, which is much nicer on my wallet. Chewbacca was scheduled for #4 and from what I can tell, they weren’t stopping anytime soon.

      1. You should do something like the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra. Something so outlandish it can’t be passed up. Full carbonite embossed Han with a Swarovski encrusted Boba next to him. I’ll pay pal you the $1M after the cover preview.

  2. I agree with Poyo. I’ve been getting my action figure variants at cover and to want this one at that price is like WOW do I really want to waste that much on it?? Why yes, yes I do lol. What I wanna know is why isn’t DC jumping on this action figure variants I would totaly buy them all lol

  3. I managed to get 3. One regular and 2 graded. Not sure what it’s going to run me after shipping but it’s a Boba Fett rare Star Wars cover, it’s worth it!
    I got an email from John Christopher yesterday saying that he was about to get on a plane and had no idea that it was gonna sell out so fast so they were pulling the rest on the website to cover people who had emailed to reserve for bulk/international orders. At least that’s what I understand anyway.
    5000 sold copies in a day. Mental.

  4. You should feel lucky you preordered for $20…it’s $60 at C2E2….flippers are in meltdown mode over the prices….doesn’t mean people weren’t walking out with stacks of 50 though.

      1. I would hope that if prefer orders are being cancelled that it is only for the multiple copy people first. Limit it now to 1-2 copies retroactively to spread it around. But the idea that he is overselling them is just bad business.
        The cbcs copies had better be at the grading offices by now.

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