LootCrate April Unboxing Video *fixed*

Sorry, videos have been fixed.
I have been a big fan of LootCrate for a while now. Mystery box surprises coming once a month (more than that as I have subscriptions to several different mystery box services.) Here is April’s LootCrate mystery-box unboxing video:

If you are interested in joining LootCrate click here. Also use the code save3 to save three dollars.

8 thoughts on “LootCrate April Unboxing Video *fixed*”

  1. Have you ever tried ComicConBox.com? It sounds interesting, but I’ve already got a subscription to lootcrate and marvel corps.

    1. Agreed. Most of it is stuff I can’t even display. Just random stuff that gets thrown into a shelf. The random funko and comics are nice but those are rare

  2. The only sub service im interested in is the Four Color Grails and we cant get this in the UK. It jolly well buggery sucks !

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