'We Kill The Dead' Slasher Comic going for World Record

I think I have made it pretty well known I am a huge horror fan. Toys, movies, comics, t-shirts, and even the music I listen to (love Rob Zombie, Misfits, Horrorpops, Creepshow, and a ton of other bands with a horror twist.) So when John Lepper, from www.theblood-shed.com, mentioned to me that he was trying to get funding for a slasher book called ‘We Kill the Dead’ I had to put it up in support. I have spotlighted a ton of Kickstarter and Indiegogo books and do love Indie Comics.
We Kill the Dead is an action/slasher comic currently looking for funding. They will have cameos from 15 different slashers from 15 different movies, which John has said, will break a world record for most separately owned characters appearing in a comic book crossover. He plans to get this record certified by Guinness upon publication. Included in the cameos are Thorn (Slasher House, Legacy of Thorn), Dollman (Methodic), Gurdy (100 Tears), Porkchop (Porkchop 1-3), Black Knight (Dead of Knight), BBK (Gutterballs), Billy (Billy Club), Crinoline Head (Crinoline Head, Dorchester’s Revenge), Bonesetter (The Bonesetter, The Bonesetter Returns), Jonah (Jonah Lives), Verden Fell (FrightWorld), Jack-O (Jack-O), Stitches (Stitches), Blood Widow (Blood Widow), and a 15th A-List slasher he cannot go into details about since there are a ton of terms of use guidelines to follow.
Here is the synopsis of the story:

We Kill the Dead is a horror/action comic that is a love letter to the slasher genre. It is about a secret government agency whose mission is to combat thano-sapiens, undead killers such as Jason or Freddy. This first story of a planned trilogy entails Joanna, a survivor of a thano-sapien attack at her college, who enlists in the SSTB (Supernatural Special Tactics Bureau). Shortly after she joins, Jack the Ripper returns as a demonic being, last seen when SSTB leader, Nathan Scrimm, blew his head off with a grenade in the 80’s. Now Jo, Nate, and the more-than-slightly-disturbed Agent Cooper race to discover the secret to stopping the legendary serial killer while battling an army of thano-sapiens under Jack’s control.

You can check out We Kill the Dead on their Indiegogo Site or on Facebook.

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      1. The next one I’m searching for is Shock Suspenstories #8. I have the reprint, but I just have to find that original.

    1. Unfortunately the comic rights to Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and possibly Chucky (is Devil’s Due comics still around???) are all owned other companies already and would be impossible to access. Our A lister has been in comics before though!

  1. Awesome! I’m an unabashed horror fan as well. Thanks for sharing the indiegogo and the site. I will check them both out and give some love to the campaign. Great concept.

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