Kickstarter Spotlight: Gore Shriek Delectus 2020

Legendary horror publisher, FantaCo is Kickstarting a new Gore Shriek Delectus. This is a giant collection of horror stories from the epic series. The 128 page soft cover or hard cover just launched. Continue reading “Kickstarter Spotlight: Gore Shriek Delectus 2020”


What’s Up CHU? Mel V. here with a new segment that I think you guys will enjoy, I call it Future Hits from The Kick(starter). The goal of this is to give the readers of CHU a chance to follow books that I think will have a bright future from the start. Also this will give creators more exposure and more possible donations, which will in turn help the creators put out more great books that we, the readers, will benefit from. I hope you guys like it…so without further ado welcome to the inaugural edition of:
FUTURE HITS FROM THE KICK(starter) Continue reading “FUTURE HITS FROM THE KICK(starter)”

Kickstarter Comics: Blast Furnace by Ryan Browne pushing 2x Goal

DrunkWooky writes for

blast furnace

You can say that Blast Furnace doesn’t need you but you need Blast Furnace. With 3 days left in the funding process, Blast Furnace has hit $29,896 of it’s $15,000 funding goal. Continue reading “Kickstarter Comics: Blast Furnace by Ryan Browne pushing 2x Goal”

The Gun #2 Kickstarter needs $299 in the next 37 hours

What’s up CHU? Mel V. here with a friendly reminder about a project we are backing. The Gun #2 is just a few dollars away from it’s goal and wanted to put the call out to all of our friends to get this going. Continue reading “The Gun #2 Kickstarter needs $299 in the next 37 hours”

Kickstarter Comic: Blast Furnace Recreational Thief

blast furnace

Love God Hates Astronauts? Hate God Hates Astronauts, either way, this comic is for you, or at least Ryan Browne says so. Blast Furnace is a 280 page graphic novel by GHA artist and writer Ryan Browne, but with rules:

Blast Furnace is an improvisational comic written and drawn an hour per page with zero planning and no idea where the story is going to go. Behold, a full color collection spanning all 280 pages of stream o’ consciousness lunacy!

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Elflord Reborn Kickstarter


I haven’t a Kickstarter in a while and have two cool ones for you. First up is the return of Elflord in Elflord Reborn. Check out the art on this one. It looks like a must for Elflord fans and fans of books like Nonplayer.

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce Barry Blair’s fantasy baby is growing into an insanely action-packed new comic book series – ELFLORD REBORN.

Written by Mat Nastos – who worked closely with Barry Blair to start this new series – and featuring artwork from Tony Vassallo and Pedro Figue, the project is part of Outland Entertainment’s venture: The Barry Blair Library . Continue reading “Elflord Reborn Kickstarter”

'We Kill The Dead' Slasher Comic going for World Record

I think I have made it pretty well known I am a huge horror fan. Toys, movies, comics, t-shirts, and even the music I listen to (love Rob Zombie, Misfits, Horrorpops, Creepshow, and a ton of other bands with a horror twist.) So when John Lepper, from, mentioned to me that he was trying to get funding for a slasher book called ‘We Kill the Dead’ I had to put it up in support. I have spotlighted a ton of Kickstarter and Indiegogo books and do love Indie Comics. Continue reading “'We Kill The Dead' Slasher Comic going for World Record”

Terra Kaiju Kickstarter

I love Kickstarters. Many great comics come out of the crowd source funding site. I have come across one that really interests me and wanted to give it more attention. Terra Kaiju by Joe Badon is looking for funding. The nice thing about this one is the low entry point for the physical copy. For just $7 You get a copy of the book, with your name in the thank you section in the back. Not a bad deal. This one is a big draw for me as I am a huge Godzilla fan. (Will have to show the giant Godzilla attacking Baltimore painting hanging proudly in my family room) Continue reading “Terra Kaiju Kickstarter”

Illegal Kickstarter live.

I do love kickstarters, and while I am no scifi guy, I thought this one was interesting.
Today marks the first full week of the Kickstarter campaign for writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Heather Nunnelly’s new project “Illegal”. The first evening of the campaign after its five p.m. launch saw a burst of enthusiastic funding for the new comic book series, which raised $1,000 overnight. Continue reading “Illegal Kickstarter live.”

‘Escape from Jesus Island’ Kickstarter and Phantom First Edition

We had talked a while back about Kickstarter books and how they are the wave of the future. One book on my radar was ‘Escape from Jesus Island.’ It is a horror story in the vein of Reanimator meets Punk Rock Jesus. Basically a group of scientists attempt to clone Jesus, and succeed, however, in the process the make scores of mistakes. Of course, the Vatican wants the clone and sends in soldiers to get him, and mayhem ensues. Continue reading “‘Escape from Jesus Island’ Kickstarter and Phantom First Edition”

Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition heating up

We have talked a lot about ‘Voice in the Dark’ by Larime Taylor. We ran an interview with him a couple of months back and i have had the pleasure of talking to him several times. I have really gotten behind this book and hope it continues to grow.

Continue reading “Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition heating up”

Suicide 5 gets more press

Within the last few weeks, I ran an interview I did with Jason Pell on his Kickstarter project ‘Suicide 5’. I loved the concept of the book and was very interested in funding it to get the book off the ground. The original interview can be seen here.
Continue reading “Suicide 5 gets more press”

‘Suicide 5’ interview with Jason Pell

We have talked a lot about Kickstarter projects being the breeding ground for hot new comics. We have seen ‘The Outliers’, ‘Watson and Holmes’, ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, ‘Voice in the Dark’, and others take off and become darlings of the secondary market. Some of these have ended up getting major distribution, and the Kickstarter variants being the ones really sought after. One book that is on my radar, ‘Suicide 5’, is being funded now, and for $20 you get the hard cover version. This one is on my radar because it is delightfully twisted in the content of the book.  Continue reading “‘Suicide 5’ interview with Jason Pell”

‘Voice in the Dark’ interview with creator Larime Taylor

KCover voice in the dark

So the talk in the comment section has focused a lot on Kickstarter projects being the breeding ground for hot new comics. I ran a piece on one that was picked up by Top Cow / Minotaur (Publisher of ‘Think Tank’) that will be released this November called ‘Voice in the Dark.’ I got a chance to interview the amazing creator tonight and find out a lot more about this book. (Also big thanks to those who ordered his Kickstarter addition in the past 24 hours, you guys are the greatest!) Continue reading “‘Voice in the Dark’ interview with creator Larime Taylor”

Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition

There has been a bunch of talk in our comment section about Kickstarter books. Especially after the success of Wild Blue Yonder, Watson and Holmes, and now Outliers. Here is one that is being released Top Cow in November. Continue reading “Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition”