A conversation with Kevin Eastman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the comic book, came out when I was 10. The cartoon came out when I was 13. I saw the first two movies in the theater.
Fast forward 30 years, I am the father of two young boys. My oldest son loves the Turtles. They have been around me for the better part of my life. When the opportunity presented itself to sit down and talk to Kevin Eastman, half of the creative team along with Peter Laird, I could not pass it up.
I sat down and talked about the history, the movies, the current comic and death of Donatello. Kevin was a pleasure to talk to and I could have gone on for hours talking to him.
Here is the raw video of the conversation with Kevin Eastman.

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    1. Somehow I still managed to hold onto my #3 3rd printing.. to think I had a #1 and most of the others…

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