Throwback Thursday

This weeks throwback is a fun one I think, at least for most of us that were around.

35 years ago, we were introduced to four turtles. Who would have thought they would turn into what they are today, pretty much a million dollar industry with several movies, cartoons, video games and toys.

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Upcoming Indie Books Spotlight from March Previews

Indie books are great. They’re great to read and it allows the creators to really express themselves as both writer and artist.

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Throwback Thursday For January 10th, 2019

It’s a new year so I’m going to try some new stuff for all you CHU readers and fans this year. A Throwback Thursday seemed fun to explore previous news or history in the comic book world.

So for this first edition, we travel 30 years back, all the way back to 1989….

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A conversation with Kevin Eastman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the comic book, came out when I was 10. The cartoon came out when I was 13. I saw the first two movies in the theater.
Fast forward 30 years, I am the father of two young boys. My oldest son loves the Turtles. They have been around me for the better part of my life. When the opportunity presented itself to sit down and talk to Kevin Eastman, half of the creative team along with Peter Laird, I could not pass it up. Continue reading “A conversation with Kevin Eastman”