Think Outside the Toy Box: Pre-sale Marvel Legends Ultron, Hulkbuster, Rhino BAF

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Hasbro decided to crush everyone’s wallet putting 3 waves of Marvel Legends up for pre-order today. They are Ant-Man Marvel Legends Wave 1, Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 3, and Amazing Spider-man 2 Marvel Legends Wave 4. I know what you are thinking. What’s left 3D man? Actually Marvel has been doing a nice job of keeping a good mix of characters to make sure the Marvel Legends line is around for years to come. So much to cover let’s get to it, in order of release.
Ant-Man Marvel Legends Wave 1 (Ultron BAF)
Release July 2015
Giant Man
Grim Reaper
I am not sure what body part goes with whom yet but the case break down gives us an extra Ant-man and Wasp.
Also while considered part of the Marvel Legends series but not part of any BAF series is the Ant-Man and the Ant 3 ¾ in action figure. Just thought I would mention for you completions.
Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 3 (Hulkbuster BAF)
Release July 2015
Dr. Strange
Marvel Now Black & Gold Iron Man (finally)
War Machine
This case is pretty even only giving us one extra War Machine. The BAF in this set is the Hulkbuster. This wave is the winner in my opinion. Also, speaking of the Vision, be on the lookout for the Marvel Legends Infinite 3-pack Target Exclusive. Notice the Vision has bare feet in the exclusive? You know who else has bare feet? Namor.
Amazing Spider-man 2 Marvel Legends Wave 4 (Rhino BAF)
Release August 2015
Ghost Rider
Kraven the Hunter
Misty Knight
Scarlet Spider
Superior Venom
White Tiger
Chameleon/J Jonah Jameson/Hammerhead
Looks like Marvel and Hasbro are going for a three for one deal giving you J Jonah Jameson and Hammerhead’s heads with Chameleon. Like the previous series this one is pretty even as well with only an extra Scarlet Spider. We also get some new comers to the Marvel action figure universe with Misty Knight, White Tiger and Chameleon.
The big winner of the group is of course the Hulkbuster series. There is not much to complain about with that one. That said; get your orders in ASAP.

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