Walmart EXCLUSIVE TMNT Black and White Comic 4-Pack – ToyBoxOne.Com has posted a new Wal-Mart Exclusive pack for TMNT that comes with a exclusive reprint of #1 from the original comic book series.

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Poyo's Picks for October 11th, 2017

NYCC is now in the not so distant past. It was a blast hanging out with Anthony and Tyson from ToyBoxOne. I went for the comics but made more money flipping toys. Maybe I should start focusing on toys rather than comic books, eh?
Now that I’m all rested up (but swamped with daily life, work and now get to uber the kids around as the wife started work on a really cool show, so I’ll be seeing her maybe next July as the shows shooting supposedly runs through June of next year).. let’s get on with the picks this week. Continue reading “Poyo's Picks for October 11th, 2017”

March Smugglers Bounty "Cantina" Unboxing

Tyson B. runs our sister site, which is dedicated to toys and action figures. Like me he is a subscription box junkie. He just got in the latest Smugglers Bounty box and unboxed it for us.
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Force Friday Star Wars Toys Starting to be loaded on the shelves

Tyson B. from our brother site (calling it a sister site just seems weird) is already out and about hunting for Star Wars toys. He is having luck seeing them “get ready” but not finding anyone who will break the “not before midnight” arrangement. Here is what he is seeing so far. Continue reading “Force Friday Star Wars Toys Starting to be loaded on the shelves”

Toyboxone’ guide to new summer toys



Tyson B. writes about hot toys and action figures for and his own site

I took a much-needed vacation last week so forgive me for playing catch up. Before we get serious a quick side note. So we had Bush and Clinton running for the White House, Jurassic World is #1 in theaters and Terminator is out next month. You would think it’s 1992 all over again. There is only one thing missing, Furbys! (Yes, I know they are ’98) That’s right; Furbys are back and in demand just like back in the day. Now add the Internet and they are all kinds of creepy. I didn’t take everyone serious last July when people were telling me to stock up for Holidays. I have kids of my own and we aren’t going to make that mistake twice. Continue reading “Toyboxone’ guide to new summer toys”

Marvel Collectors Corp Ant-Man unboxing 

Tyson B. From our partner site Toy Box One got in the latest Marvel Collector Corp box and was kind enough to donthe unboxing video for us. Check it out below. Continue reading “Marvel Collectors Corp Ant-Man unboxing “

Ted 2 Talking 24 Inch Bears

Who hasn’t seen the movie and wanted a foul mouthed teddy bear companion?
Your favorite foul-mouthed teddy bear is back and better than ever! This Ted 2 24-Inch R-Rated Talking Plush Teddy Bear features some of the funniest, vulgar lines from the movie – he’s super soft to the touch, too! He’s so funny this time around that you can bring home 6 different variations of your favorite thunder buddy! Continue reading “Ted 2 Talking 24 Inch Bears”

Star Wars Black Series Discontinued Waves

Star Wars Black Series Discontinued Waves.
Our Friend Tyson B. at got word that Star Wars Black Series Waves 2-7 are being discontinued. Some of the figures are already hard to find, I imagine this will make them harder to find.

Think Outside the Toy Box: Pre-sale Marvel Legends Ultron, Hulkbuster, Rhino BAF

Tyson B. writes about toys and action figures for and his own site
Hasbro decided to crush everyone’s wallet putting 3 waves of Marvel Legends up for pre-order today. They are Ant-Man Marvel Legends Wave 1, Avengers Marvel Legends Wave 3, and Amazing Spider-man 2 Marvel Legends Wave 4. I know what you are thinking. What’s left 3D man? Actually Marvel has been doing a nice job of keeping a good mix of characters to make sure the Marvel Legends line is around for years to come. So much to cover let’s get to it, in order of release. Continue reading “Think Outside the Toy Box: Pre-sale Marvel Legends Ultron, Hulkbuster, Rhino BAF”