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$6 and $8 copies are gone. But here is one left at $9.99 http://amzn.to/1GaVGUu
Mystery Solved. Thanks to ACrave. It comes from Flux Magazine #1. If you are looking for this early appearance of Preacher from 1995, not 1994 as the seller claims, you can find FLUX magazine from Harris comics here http://amzn.to/1MrTwAM for $6 plus shipping.
Ok guys, need to pick the brain of the collective. I got an email tonight and I am stumped. It is in relation to an Early magazine appearance of Preacher
Here is the description for the alleged Early magazine appearance of Preacher.

Up for Bid is a copy of a 1994 magazine featuring the 1st appearance anywhere of Jesse Custer from the hit Vertigo comic book Preacher in the form of a Steve Dillon promotional illustration with copy (written promotional blurb) • As you can see from the illo partials Custer’s appearance is quite different than that of his actual published look (belt buckle • jacket) • I’ve posted scans of three partial images from the promo illo, a cover outtake and the back cover of the actual magazine you will receive • The magazine was a short lived publication which was basically a comic and video game ‘zine and is complete with nothing missing or cut out and appears to be in almost like new condition for a magazine over 20 years of age • Magazine will ship freshly bagged and boarded • Magazine is securely packed and shipped next business day following payment by Priority Mail to any continental US location • Any questions please ask before placing a Bid on the Magazine • No Preacher collection is complete without this rare and hard to find appearance! • Preacher is currently under development by Sony Pictures and AMCTV as an upcoming AMCTV television series

Check out the pictures and see if you can figure it out. Jesse Custer does not look the same as he appeared in the first Preacher, or the preview issues.
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  1. I find this strange… Am I completely missing the title of the mag or is the seller leaving this info out? What does the copy with the picture say and why did the seller not add a picture of the copy? There is a lot of info that the seller seems to be ‘omitting’. Regardless, Ima get my buddies that geek out on this kinda stuff and see what they come up with…

      1. Yeah I was just about to post what it was and that it can be regularly found for 5 to 10 bucks elsewhere. Thinking bout getting one just so I can see the copy.
        That seller also has the Previews for Preacher for sale for like 6 to 10 times elsewhere. If he can get it, more power to him.

      2. Lol. Yeah, I decided to get one but they sold out before I could check out. No worries, I did another quick search and found another one for a dollar more.

        1. Oh, I’m sure it has the potential. I’m just saying, when more start becoming available, sellers will try to outdo the other sellers. (I know I do it to get the quicker sell).
          For instance, person A lists the only one or first one. They try to set the going rate at a set price. People catch on, find them at $5-$6 (like in this case) to sell themselves. The next seller wants to steal person As business and lists theirs at $45.. and so on. Then people who got them at bargain prices do it auction style, which those are more effective in determining the end value by real people bidding to drive the value up.
          I love trying to analyze what drives value on demand from all angles.

  2. Found it on amazon before you posted the link. I grabbed one. Worth checking out, and who knows, may take off.

  3. Hey boys,
    Big Preacher fan here. I’m the one that actually sent Anthony the email about the early Jesse Custer appearance. If any of you have a copy for sale that you were able to snatch up, I’d love to buy one. I had hoped to be able to grab one before you all cleaned them out from EVERYWHERE! Lol! Alas, I was too slow on the draw. Thanks everyone! Brett

  4. The short story is, I found the EBay posting, asked the seller what mag it was, he refused so I sent it to Anthony to see if he knew. Anthony posted it & the mystery was solved. I had to work last night. By the time I got back online…they were all gone.

  5. OK so does this predate the Preacher Preview from Diamond? If not then it’s about as valuable as Direct Currents 85 or Vertigo’s Gallery of Dreams and Nightmares.

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