ComicXposure taking pre-orders for Sex Criminals #11

RE Camera
RE Camera

I know people were asking about where they could pre-order Sex Criminals #11 most places are sold out on-line already. If you missed the message in the comment section, here is where you can pre-order and jump in on the great Easter Egg hunt.

Eddie from ComicXposure put a comment in the message section, and sent me an e-mail, saying they are taking pre-orders for Sex Criminal #11.
Happy hunting!
Send us a picture if you end up with a sketch!

32 thoughts on “ComicXposure taking pre-orders for Sex Criminals #11”

  1. Pre ordered enough to get the free shipping. I should slow down, at the rate I’m going I’ll get two dick sketches.

    1. Haha.. you know, since these are all bagged. Can likely flip these without opening. I’m sure people are going to gobble these up.

        1. I was gonna buy 10 but it was $2 shy of the $30 for free shipping.. so I bought 11. Sex Criminals #11 x 11 for me. πŸ˜‰

      1. My first comic subscription was NOW’s Astroboy. Once it was cancelled I didn’t know what to switch to and 9 year old me thought “Ralph Snart” was a funny name…

    1. Thanks for the heads up, I was gonna go with forbidden planet if I couldn’t find extra copies locally in the U.S

      1. Graham crackers has a notification list when they become available and I heard will have some available on web Tuesday

  2. Amazon has 8 from same seller. Bad thing is…’s selling for $5.99 just thought I’d add that If anyone really wants it.

        1. I’m up in the air about even opening any I get. I think these will be just as hot unopened for those collectors seeking out a sketch. Decisions… Decisions..

  3. Midtown will also put them up for sale the week before the release date, I’m just not sure exactly what time of day they go up.

    1. It’s usually anywhere between 11AM and 2PM CST. Yeah, you have to be quick sometimes, the hot stuff will be out rather quickly.

    2. is another one that will put up the next week releases about mid-day on their website. So that’s another option as well.

  4. Got 3 copies today and one copy was sketch!
    Well happy… but its nothing like the photo listed! Its a normal copy but has a blank picture frame with a sketch inside it and signed! If anyone has any info on these please let me!

    1. I replied earlier. Those in the pictures previously were not used as they contained licensed characters on some of them. They had to call an audible and redo them. That is why the book was considerably late.
      On a side note the Brian Lee O’Malley cover is freaking hilarious.

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