Heath cast on the Walking Dead TV show

Alexandria will start filling up which means exciting ties for Walking Dead back issues. Heath has been cast for Season 6 of The Walking Dead.
Straight from TheWalkingDead.com

More exciting casting news straight from the set of Season 6! Corey Hawkins is slated to play Heath, a character straight from the comics! Corey’s past credits include roles in Non-Stop and Iron Man 3, BUT, the non-TWD project we’re most excited about here at Skybound: he’s going to play Dr. Dre in Straight Outta Compton (2015). So keep an eye out for that.

Heath first appears in Walking Dead #69, which is also the first appearance of the Alexandria Safe zone.
This gets exciting for me as I started picking up duplicates of each issue around this time (should have started way earlier!).

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    1. Heath’s first appearance was issue 69 but the end of season 5 was around issue 77 when Rick kills Pete after Monroe tells him to “do it” 😉

      1. Then I’m even more hopeful to see them in the show. Such an awesome character and it could add more drama to the story with the whole Michonne fling.

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