Bitch Planet coming to TV or Theater?

We had mentioned previously that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction had inked a deal that would bring some of their properties to TV. Looks like at Special Edition New York City’s Image panel it was alluded to that more could come of Bitch Planet
Bleeding Cool had the story with the highlight being:

As to a big screen adaptation of Bitch Planet? Valentine De Landro told the crowd “stay tuned”. The prison, it seems, is getting really big… too big for the Universal TV deal? Who knows.

Copies of Bitch Planet can be found on eBay for less than cover. The 1:15 Jamie McKelvie variant can be found for $8 and below. The Ghost Variant can be found for under $8 as well. This Ghost Variant starts at $1.99 with no bids.

14 thoughts on “Bitch Planet coming to TV or Theater?”

      1. There are only a couple of ‘true’ display variants on tha ‘bay. Most of the auctions that have display variant in the title are actually the regular issue. So anyone thinking about getting one off eBay needs to be sure they’re understanding what the are buying…

    1. The display “variants” have proven to have no value over the regular covers…get real guys. Oh wow…a circle around the image I logo!!!

  1. Don’t forget about the signed editions from Dyanamic Forces. Most importantly the Ultra Limited blood red signature. I can’t remember the amount it was limited to, but they might be hard to come by. No red signatures are on eBay at all.

  2. Fuck the speculation aspect of it, I just want this to be a thing. It’s one of the few books that bring in non-traditional female readers. No offense to TWD but it didn’t exactly draw non-traditional audiences into shops. The people that showed up looking to only read TWD were pretty much indistinguishable from those people that read “all x” or “all y”. It would be really great if something hit TV that appealed to a wider audience of readers than what’s traditionally optioned.

    1. I wouldn’t completely put speculation aside, it’s a fun aspect of collecting. I’ll agree though, Bitch Planet is an awesome story and it deserved a show.

    1. Yes! Thanks to CHU article I raised them to $65.95! It was a bit of a risk to put $ into grading them… But I thought the story could easily translate to other media. I’ve still got a dozen or so raw copies I’m going to sit on…

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