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Our man Mel the Movie Guy was at Special Edition New York City on behalf of He took time out to meet with one of our favorite people, Eddie A. from They sponsor our giveaways, and put out some fantastic variant covers and exclusives.

Mel of CHU-How and when did you guys get started?
Eddie– Last Year April and launched the website at NYCC 2014
We were 2 guys working for Verizon at the time and just wanted to do something for ourselves
CHU-What was the process like getting support or digital distribution from Marvel and the Indy’s?
EDDIE-Not as difficult as most would think, many are open and willing to work with new companies a new projects
CHU– I been following you guys for a while and I seen your staff grow. Do you have a board or is it just a few people calling the shots?
EDDIE-No board yet, but wouldn’t be surprised if there is one in a year
CHU -Would you ever consider opening a physical store?
EDDIE-We actually are considering it at the moment and have looked at locations in Queens and the Bronx
CHU– Could you give our readers of what you got coming next?
EDDIE-Well we have a few things planned straight up to NYCC and I’ll give you a sneak peek to our next upcoming exclusive GI JOE 216 Fabio Valle cover
(Click for Larger View)
CHU– Do you have a distribution center or warehouse? How many employee’s do you employ, does it take more effort or people to run the digital side or the literal individual comics and variants?
EDDIE-Right now just a small warehouse, the setup is operated by 6…2 maintain the digital side…Exclusive variants are the best part of what we do, when you see a cover we put out you are looking at our own ideas and the art direction we planned out with the artist
CHU -How was your experience with diamond, it was big to see you guys in previews?
EDDIE-Diamond is great, it’s part of doing business in this industry and as long as we have a demand for our products we will continue to offer through as many different channels as possible
CHU -How did you link up with Comics Heating Up?
EDDIE-Back at Nycc last year we had Enormous #4 it was big news sometime around then. I met Anthony and been updating and working with ever since
(editors note: Eddie hooked me up. It was great talking to him and has been a great relationship so far! especially for the contest winners.)
CHU– Last question. What would be your perfect variant?
EDDIE-Hmmmm that’s tough we we create one I’ll let ya know

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