Agent Poyo's picks of the week for delivery 6/10/15

It’s that time again, to pick what I think is going to be a winner on the best damn day of the week.
As you all know, Tony gave you a heads up on Disciples from Black Mask Comics. Well, I had it slated before the news hit about this little comic from a publisher that seems to be knocking them out of the ball park lately with some great stuff.
So yeah, the spec of the week is:
Disciples #1 (Black Mask) – The description sort of sounds like Jupiter’s Ascending type of universe, rich people own moons and planets for people to worship them but I’m sure the comic is going to be way better than that horrid film (yes, that film was horrid, the acting was horrid and well, I lost 2 hours and $10 I’ll never get back). Pick it up if you find it, buy two copies, sell a few.. it’s already sold out online.
Blubber #1 (Fantagraphics) – From an Eisner awarded cartoonist last year Gilbert Hernandez. Gonna be a low print run for sure so check it out if you find a copy.
It Will All Hurt #1 (Alternative Comics) – “…is a weird, sad, silly, and sketchy, fantasy adventure strip with magic and science-fiction and some fighting action. IWAH is one of the coolest science-fantasy adventure comics you will ever read. It’s also a companion piece to Farel’s amazing and beautiful graphic novel, The Wrenchies.” Sounds like my type of comic.
Titan #1 (Alternative Comics) – Another Sci-Fi adventure on the moon Titan. I love sci-fi and I love indie comics apparently.  (EDITORS NOTE: This is sold out in many places)
I proclaim this second week of June….. Indie Comic Week!
Also, check out Starve #1 from Image, Brian Wood’s latest work. Batman #41 comes out as well but yeah well, we all know who the new Batman is so I don’t expect any heat on this one. I’m selling Batman #40 for a little over cover still..  
Of course Walking Dead #142 comes out as well. A must pick up. Is that Negan on the front mingling with his fellow people at the summer shindig, maybe this issue gives us a clue since we all found out last month he could have simply walked out and left but opted to stick around to build some type of trust with Rick. Maybe he becomes an ally, which I would totally welcome. From enemy to friend.. who would of thought!

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  1. if Negan and Rick are allies, that will cause a major rift with Maggie’s group. she will never forgive him..

    1. Meh.. she’s gonna hook up with Dante and forget all about that guy named.. what’s his name again? 😉

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