Common's role in Suicide Squad revealed

While it was originally assumed that Common would be playing Black Manta in Suicide Squad. However set photos reveal his real role. 
JustJared had the scoop.

Common steps out on the set of Suicide Squad with a tattooed head and facial piercings on Wednesday (June 10) in Toronto, Canada.
This is our first look at the 43-year-old rapper on the set of the upcoming DC Comics flick and he looks so cool in costume!
There have been rumors that Common would be playing the role of Black Manta in the film, but from the looks of the photos it seems he will be Tattooed Man. There have been several versions of the character in the comic books, the first being Abel Tarrant. The villain’s powers are that he can manipulate the living tattoos on his body and his arch-nemesis is Green Lantern.

The first appearance of the Tattooed Man was in Green Lantern #23 (1963), and there are some surprisingly affordable copies.
Seems this one may be a more recent Tattooed Man, check out the very affordable Green Lantern #9 (2006) for his first appearance.

3 thoughts on “Common's role in Suicide Squad revealed”

  1. Wrong tattooed man most likely. If you’re looking at a picture of a black tattooed man then you’re probably looking at a film apperance by Mark Richards rather than Abel Tarrant. His character also tended to just wear whatever where as Tarrant was always dressed in goofy Sailor garb.

      1. Gotcha, GL #9 is about to become a great book for anyone that has the already hard to find Batman cover variant.

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