Variant Envy Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #3 ComicXposure Variant

Now with 100% more correct spelling. 
Holy Cow. Up for order now. Get them while they last Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #3 ComicXposure Variant. Do not sleep on this one.
Eddie at ComicXposure just sent this over to me and my head nearly exploded. It is an homage to Amazing Spider-Man #678. Cover art by Mike Deodato. Incredible. 
These can be ordered now at ComicXposure web site.

44 thoughts on “Variant Envy Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #3 ComicXposure Variant”

      1. Give me an A.. Aaaaa..
        Give me an E… Eeeee
        Give me an I.. Iiiiii
        Give me an O… Ooooo
        Give me an U… Uuuuuu
        What does that spell? Nothing, just the “vowels” of the alphabet. 😉

      2. Oh, and thanks for the heads-up on this! Any idea when they’ll have the order info for both covers up? I’d like to do one order to save shipping.

  1. I wanted to wait and order bothcovers at the same time but I couldn’t resist buying right away. That looks amazing.

  2. Very nice cover…I may have to pick one up, but not multiples, their variants dont do too well in the secondhand market IME…tho I could be wrong…

    1. It’s looking like I was wrong on this…I see the price doubled now! Glad I did grab a copy! Wasnt aware of the rarity of the 678 cover…

  3. awesome, thanks! picked up 3. probably just in time, too.
    also a heads up — just noticed that comicxposure has the star wars # 4 boba fett action figure variant for sale at $49.95, fyi. cheaper than ebay and there are only 5,000 copies.

  4. What did you guys pay for yours? When I added it to my cart in was $9.99, then as I was checking out it said there had been an update to an item in my cart and now it’s $19.99.

    1. Looks like the price just doubled. Glad I got in early. I’m betting collectors who liked the original 678 cover but aren’t willing to pay the price for it will be all over this.

  5. Yeah, I’m not a happy camper. I heard it was $9.99, but it showed as $19.99 by the time I was able to login to the site. Now in my cart, it shows as $29.99. I guess I’ll have to pass.
    For anyone interested, the B&W version was still showing as cheaper than the color at $19.99. Who knows what the actual price will be though once you click through.

    1. The color is $9.99. The black and white is $19.99 if you use the special code word. It’s my fault I was on the road and it was supposed to be $19.99 for readers. Eddie, the guy who runs is also on the road and we have been trying to coordinate the code sale. I can say that there was a listing error for the price originally

      1. OK…I’m still a little confused. This comment says the color version with the code should be $9.99, but your other post where the code is listed says it’ll be $19.99. What is the correct price supposed to be? I used the code before I saw this comment and it did drop the price of the color version, but only from $29.99 to $19.99.
        …Just trying to clarify expectations. Thanks for the code and all you do for the community.

        1. They are having problems with the site. The black and white are $29.99 but showing as $19.99. The code is supposed to work for the black and white but seems to work for the color as well. They had 1000 copies of the cover for 9.99. They sold them in 5 hours. The remaining color covers are $29.99 but the code seems to be making them $19.99. Remember that I am not ComicXposure so the issues they are having are not in my control. I did speak to Eddie to clear it up and they are working on the problem. The black and whites are showing at $19.99 for everyone right now.

        2. Ok. Here is the deal. They had 1,000 copies set up for sale at $9.99. Those sold out within 5 hours of being listed. They then pulled 100 copies out of their convention stock, which were to be sold at $29.99 and let people order them.
          The black and whites were supposed to be listed at $29.99 and then the Chu code would make them $19.99. However, they went live at $19.99 and the Chu code made them $9.99. They had to take that down and fix it.
          So yes, the colors were 9.99 until they sold through them. They did not expect 1000 copies to go that quickly. They have never sold out of a book so fast. But as opposed to leaving them as sold out they put up the convention stock at the convention price.
          Sorry for the confusion but everything listed was listed as accurate at the time of publishing the post.
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  6. Prices seem to be correct now. I ordered when colors were $29.99 and without the code, but the awesome customer service folks at ComicXposure cancelled and refunded my original order and I was able to submit two new orders and got free shipping and $10 off (Thanks Anthony!!!). Great cover, super excited. Between this and grabbing a Batman Adventures #12 from my local shop at a very fair price ($370 for a solid 9.4 IMO) , my comic funds are a bit depleted lol.

      1. It was indeed. My existing copy of BA 12 (that I have high hopes for a 9.6/9.8) needed a friend. Basically, it is getting harder and harder to not sell that one since prices just keep going up but I truly believe the book will retain a good amount of its current value, hence picking up the new 9.4 to stay in the PC.
        Thanks for the hookup on the discount code. Awesome stuff as always!

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