Variant Envy Part 2: Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows ComicXposure Black and White variant. 

Here we go. You asked about it and it has gone live on the site. The black and white variant to the awesome variant I posted earlier.
So here is the pitch. The books are listed for $29.99.   You can get the Black and White Variant here. Use Code CHU2015 to take $10 off. hurry this code is a limited time offer.

24 thoughts on “Variant Envy Part 2: Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows ComicXposure Black and White variant. ”

    1. And it’s the B&W variant listed at $19.99 and the other one that doesn’t say B&W at $29.99… I think goofy is updating the prices on the website!

            1. I tried adding both variants to the order and applying the CHU2015 code which resulted in:
              “Coupon code: CHU2015 is invalid. Please try again or contact us.”

  1. Comiccposure seems to be having some website difficulties at the moment, maybe because of this. I got the color ordered earlier, and the BW ordered just now. Got confirmations. Thanks CHU!

  2. Oops. I was too quick. Ordered right when they went up before the coupon was posted. Wonder if they can apply it after the fact?

    1. If you ordered the B&W, it should be $19.99 at the price the coupon is suppose to drop the price to. So you likely already locked in at the $19.99. If you bought the one currently at $29.99, you bought the colorized version most likely.

  3. No, it was the B&W. I bought 4 copies of the regular when it was $9.99. Then when the B&W first went up it was $19.99, but the coupon wasn’t posted here yet. After I saw the coupon I tested again and it dropped the B&W version to $9.99 each. Still have them in my cart at that price. Maybe an error?

  4. The $10 code works for both color and b&w variant. Just placed an order for the color variant for $9.99 and added the JSC ECCC Spider Gwen cover to get free shipping.

  5. Just got the color variant and a copy of GI JOE #215 for $19 and change. Thanks for posting that coupon code, I was a little bummed when I thought I was going to have to pay double just because I took to long to check out.

  6. Agentpoyo, I’m totally confused with you, I’m glad I bought them at 9.99, bc I have no clue which one I bought ?

    1. Thanks Tony for the heads up on this. I missed the low early prices but picked up 2 color and 1 b&w yesterday with the CHU discount. Free shipping to boot as well.

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