Wednesday Winner: We Can Never Go Home #3

I love when a book comes out on Wednesday and by the weekend it is going for multiple times cover price. We Can Never Go Home #3 is one of those books.
Copies of We Can Never Go Home #3 have gone as high as $24 plus shipping (a Canadian auction). Currently there are copies going for over $20 with multiple bids.
Online stores have sold out, most were sold out before the book even hit Wednesday.
The furor over the book appears to be a two page spread featuring multiple Marvel and DC costumes depicted.

21 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: We Can Never Go Home #3”

  1. I saw a few of these in the comic store. It was Disciples that I could not get. My store orders many of each comic. But Disciples he said he only had a few. He was hoping to get some more next week.

      1. I put mine up after I got it Wednesday and sold it same day for $14.99 + shipping. Hoping I come across a couple more in the wild.

    1. I grabbed a few of these from here too…still at cover price as well. Of course the signature wont be authenticated, but still nice. Also grabbed a couple of issue two…

      1. My signed FP #1 variant is still processing – fingers crossed it won’t go the same way as 21st Century Tank Girl (signed variant) and they cancel it!

  2. I have one up, lets see how many bites I get. That Starfire is doo doo to me, actually any T&A books are. I just don’t understand that. Do some dudes really get off on drawings? O.O SMH

    1. I feel you, it’s like my NM copy of Flash 92. People are like “first Bart Allen!?”, and I’m all like “he’s more than a piece of meat!”. Seriously though, I’m with you on the T&A comics thing. I refuse to even buy them, no matter how sure a thing they are, the sort of people that bought them from me last convention were just the neckiest of neck beards. No ammount of flip is worth it to me anymore.

  3. Haha, for Swords of Sorrow I actually won’t! I have a friend I tease UNMERCIFULLY about loving that book, despite the prominence of cleavage in it’s marketing. It would make a fine house warming gift for him if I do win it!

  4. Found 3 copies at my LCS yesterday. I listed them yesterday as well starting at $0.99, Will see what they end at. There are several listed right now with multiple bids up to $20.00. My LCS always has these types just sitting there.

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