Variant Envy: Figment 2 Action Figure Variant

The Marvel (and other company) Action Figure Variants have been a huge success. Disney’s Figment was also a huge success, thanks in part to the many Disney fans.
Merge the two together and you are sure to have a highly desirable comic.

Jim Zub will return to write the new series with a John Tyler Christopher Action Figure variant featuring Dreamfinder and Figment.
The book will be released this fall.
Thanks to Tyler B. for this one from Toy Box One for this one. The original story can be found on Disney Park’s Blog

8 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Figment 2 Action Figure Variant”

  1. I’m wondering when the spec bubble on the action figure variants is going to pop. I personally love them. I just ordered the Lando action figure variant. However, I’ve been hearing some critical blow back on some online forums about the ever-expanding line of action figure variants.
    Marvel also recently released images of some S.H.I.E.L.D. one-shot action figure variants. ( My guess is that the Deathlok build-a-figure pieces won’t quite have the same collectability as real-life action figures. JTC sure is getting a lot of work these days.

  2. Id buy this just based on figment because i like him. Whens the street date for this?
    Also is there any speculation on deadpools secret secret wars 2 tomorrow beacuse of gwenpool or is that just a cover? Because i dont want to miss out on like spidergwen. I had the chance to buy 2 of the variants for eosp 2 and was like i dont need the variant for a stupid tie in… yeah so for $20 for 2 copoes i lost out hard lol

    1. The preview ( doesn’t show any “Gwen-Pool” inside the book. Also, this cover is part of a Marvel-wide series of “Gwen” variants. There was an Armor Wars Gwen cover, Groot, etc. etc.
      Additionally, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars is all about Deadpool’s secret involvement in the original Secret Wars. It would be a crazy surprise indeed if “Gwen-pool” showed up inside the actual story. I’d say not likely.
      Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars Issue #3, on the other hand, supposedly has Deadpool in Spiderman’s Black costume from Secret Wars #8 (1984). Who knows if this would heat up, but I’d say the novelty of that might have a better chance than the Gwen-pool cover of issue #2. Secret Wars #8 (1984, first appearance of Spider-Man’s black costume is routinely a $20-$50 book. What if….Venom Possessed Deadpool goes for crazy money on Ebay now. So….hard maybe on Issue #3 having some collector interest.
      Having said all that, I have the Gwenpool cover sitting in my hold box at my LCS for tomorrow. I just like the cover.

      1. I love these covers but agree the bubble will burst. Is there any good list out there of all the different action figure variants already released and those that are upcoming?

  3. Haha is that the only guy who ever does these action figure variants, JTC? He does one hell of a job but damn, he’s making a career outta this. Same with Nauck and those Spidey 300 cover swipes. Ah well,I guess if you got a winning formula, run with it.

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