Mel's Variant Pick of the week

Mel V. is deeply entrenched in the comic buying and selling game. He is out every Wednesday morning, before I (and many people) get up to pick up his books and scoop the hot spec books. Work knows not to expect Mel in on time on Wednesdays. Here is his Variant Pick of the Week.
Ok fella’s this is a simple one. This could go crazy by the weekend. Follow along. People like Deadpool. People like Spider-Gwen. Mix them together and you have Gwen in a pink Deadpool costume sipping drinks while floating in a pool lounge chair.
My variant pick of the week is Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 Gwenpool Variant
May not make sense, but it doesn’t always have to.

10 thoughts on “Mel's Variant Pick of the week”

      1. If you order off of the site everything on Midtown is essentially 15% off. If you go in store you get $20 off for every $100 spent.

    1. They’re order threshold variants, same as the action figure variants. Once you exceed the treshold you can order as many as you want. It’s why I kiinnndddd of doubt any of these will matter at all. They aren’t rare, and as of yesterday were still reoderable when I checked Diamond.

      1. I think a lot of people are over Gwen as well.. too much all at once I think. Her first appearance will stay hot as it’s harder to come by in finding but they are certainly slapping her on anything they can to squeeze out more sales.

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