Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (except you buy your own presents.) We open things up to hear from you.
Let’s hear your pick ups.
Tell us what you couldn’t find, what was gone off the shelves.
What was sitting there in piles.
Or anything you want!

50 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. The definite pickups for me:
    Ei8ht #5 (Great read so far)
    Strain #10 (Season 2 upon us soon.. )
    Mad Max Furiosa #1 (Duh!)
    Alex+Ada #15 (The ending.. )
    God Hates Astronauts #9 (Still a great read, makes me laugh.. just good fun)
    Low #7 (About time.. no more huge gaps between issues please… )
    Manifest Destiny #17 (Mmmm.. hmmm.. still one of my favorites )
    Revival #30 (Still holding on.. picking up a little bit from some slower issues)
    Southern Bastards #9 (A damn good read)
    Trees #10 (I’m hanging on still.. not sure about this one though, a part of me wants to drop it and another part keeps wanting to read it)
    Magneto #19 (Still, underrated Marvel title.. hopefully their Secret Wars don’t muck with it any)
    Moon Knight #16 (Long time Moon Knight fan so yes please.. )
    Bloodshot Reborn #3 (Lemire is doing an excellent job.. )
    Simpsons #221 (Cowabunga!!)
    Letter 44 #17 (Still loving it.. )
    Minions #1 (Banana?)

  2. ANECDOTE: i went by blastoff comics in los angeles yesterday (5 days after release) and they still had a STACK of “we can never go home” # 3! the devil on my shoulder told me to just take em’ all (which i didn’t) but i still couldn’t help leaving with a handful of copies. crazy. have a feeling it will cool down any day now but that book has been going nuts.
    great menu this week. my pick-ups for tomorrow:
    mad max fury road furiosa # 1
    alex + ada # 15
    empty zone # 1
    lazarus # 17
    ms. marvel # 16
    star wars director’s cut # 1
    thors # 1 (gwen vrnt)
    inhumans attilan rising # 2 (gwen vrnt)
    magneto # 19 (gwen vrnt)
    deadpool’s secret wars # 2 (gwen vrnt) x3
    old man logan # 2 (gwen vrnt)
    fiction # 1

        1. Muhahahahaha.. I only had the one to sell since I only was able to snag 2 copies. So no more undercutting for now! 😉

        2. What’s funny is.. list at higher rate with free shipping, no bites. List at lower rate with no free shipping.. sells same day. But I’ve had it go the other way as well.. Sell at lower cost + shipping, no nibbles.. Sell at higher rate to make up for shipping costs and advertise free shipping and people buy probably due to being enticed by free shipping.. But either way, I still make out at the same profit most of the time. 😉

      1. Nice! I was able to sell mine for the $14.99 as well. I was only able to get 1 copy and put it up same day. It sold before the costume news came out so I missed the feeding frenzy but i’m not mad at a nice little profit.

        1. Profit is profit.. I’ll buy a book at $3 to sell at $10 any day of the week.. some may laugh all they want but it adds up over time. I mean, who wouldn’t trade $3 for $10? (Of course I’m not including ebay fees and taxes on income but even walking away with $4-5 profit is still profit.. )

      2. Exactly. And if you picked up an extra one to keep for yourself the one you sell could pay for your keeper as well.

        1. Yup.. buy, sell, to buy more. Even if I break even on any given week.. that means the comics I kept for personal collection I technically got for free. 🙂

      3. This is the part I suck at. Like really SUCK at.
        I’m good at knowing what to spec and getting my hands on them, I have a VERY difficult time parting with them.
        I got the Four Colour Grails box with Spider Gwen, Descender, Ninjak, and Dr. Who, could have paid for the box three times over just off of Spider Gwen and Descender, couldn’t bring myself to part with them. Now they’re worth less than $50 combined….I’m such a chump.

        1. You have to separate emotion from money. It was hard for me to do as well. That is why I have 40,000 comics. No lie. Have been selling things off when they pop. I do keep a core collection but that could change at any time what is in it.

          1. Folks like Dakoit say not to hold on to books like We Can Never Go Home and Space Riders. I’ve been loving Black Mask’s stuff and been keeping two pristine copies of each issue. Should I just let go of these?

            1. If you have two you can sell one and make a profit off it. I got six copies of You Can Never Go Home #3. I have sold two which has paid off the stack plus and am keeping one. I like the book. If you can sell and profit and keep a set it is win win. But it really depends on your goals. I will say expect the print run of both books to be tiny.
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        2. Haha.. I’ve done that too myself. Buy a comic I intended to sell but then liked it so much I kept it instead.
          That’s why stuff I intend to sell, if I can, I buy two or more of them. Most of the time I’ll buy 2, if I think it’s flip worthy where I know I’ll sell for profit, I’ll fork over to buy up extra copies.
          I’m also fair though as well (at least on day of release, if it’s been sitting on the shelf for a few weeks and no one has noticed them, I’ll gobble them up if I know I can sell them). If a shop only has a few copies and but has no limit, I’ll buy 1 or 2 at most so others have a chance.

      4. I thought I was the only one Poyo! I tend to leave the stack on first release as well but end of the week or week after, it’s all fair game. I do grab 5-6 copies if possible without decimating the stack. My LCS has a 5 copy limit but the give me some leeway now and then.
        I definitely grab multiple copies of issues I intend to keep. And like Tony, what stays in the permanent collection is almost always rotating. The only thing that will stay for sure is anything related to Transformers. There is no way I can get rid of anything related to them.

  3. Finally got to sell some this week…well just one comic, but that will keep me going for a few weeks…
    My list…always grabbing more through the week though!
    Fiction #1 (Cover C)
    Ravenous #2 (Variant)
    EI8HT #5
    Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 (Blank’s) x4
    Prez #1 (Variant)
    Astronauts In Trouble #1
    Empty Zone #1
    Manifest Destiny #15
    Revival #30
    Southern Bastards #9 (A + B)
    Rick And Morty #3 (Reg + Variant)
    Minions #1

      1. I wasn’t gonna grab one myself but then I saw it and well, grabbed one only because Mel. I had picked up a few of the other Gwen variants and they don’t seem to be moving that much. I think if this one does heat up, it’s gonna be down the stretch, most of my shops had plenty at cover.. well, except Austin Books, they had theirs at $9.99… Hmmmm…

      2. Ooohh.. yeah, I’m all Gwen’ed out myself but I love Rob! and I’ll likely have to pick that one up as well.

  4. Anybody liking what’s coming out of E3 (games I know)…the new Batman comes out next week (YES!!), there was a new trailer which also looked awesome…I just noticed the Collector editions comes with a comic, Arkham Knight #0, I wonder if anything interesting will be in it?

      1. WTF!!!!! I just got email saying WB has decided not to release the Batmobile Edition, and my order been cancelled. I hear this is worldwide….6 days before release WB pulls it. Now I cant get the LE because their sold out!! At least the retailer offered me $30 off the reg

    1. Slim pickings here as well. One shop had around 5. Another the same and the 3rd stop this morning had about a dozen. I have a feeling it’s gonna end up like They Can Never Go Home #3.. HTF and we’ll see a jump in price. I picked one up just in case myself. I never picked up 1 or 2.. which I can’t find now myself at decent prices..

  5. my pickups this week
    1. low 7 (about time. the ultimate slow burn book. the first issue barely got me to come back for the next one. now I think its one of the best books out there)
    2. Southern Bastards 9
    3. The Strain: Night eternal 10
    4. Bloodshot: reborn 3
    5. the kitchen 8
    maybes: mad max: furiosa, Harley Quinn and power girl
    back issues: future imperfect, we can never go home 1-3
    wasn’t the new rat queens supposed to come out today?

      1. Yeah, the one shop that had two of them.. both had spine creases but one wasn’t as bad, the other was pretty bad.

  6. Fun week this week:
    1. Got 5 copies of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars Bachalo Gwenpool Variant. Hoping these flip at around $11.
    2. Got 2 copies of Thors! These are for me. Nobody is getting their hands on them. Got the normal cover and Keown Frog Thor variant. I think this is first appearance of Groot Thor, right?
    3. Archie vs. Predator Jones Variant.
    4. Bloodshot #3-Lemire is killing it
    5. Armor Wars #2-want to ride this out and see where it goes
    6. Old Man Logan #2

    1. I wasn’t intending on picking up any of the Thors issues but saw the Keown Frog variant so I snagged it at cover. 🙂

  7. Today picks;
    Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1 also the 1:25 variant for $10 (for the wife)
    Mad Max Furiosa #1 X2 both regular and Blank Variant both at cover
    Teen Titans Go! #10 X2 ( for my kids)
    Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #2 both regular and Gwenpool variant both at cover
    Minions #1 X3 ( for my kids and 1 for the PC)
    Wonder Woman #41 joker Cover
    I was also able to find a Star Wars #6 R2D2 action figure variant for cover.

          1. Maybe.. the only difference is, Frozen was already out, Minions movie hasn’t been released so we might see these go up. I’m holding onto mine I think.. it’s the long term gamble for me.

  8. Super light week for me. I did grab multiple copies of some issues but in general didn’t grab a lot of different stuff.
    Wonder Woman #41 (Regular and Variant) Noticed the regular cover was disappearing faster than the variant.
    Mad Max Furiosa #1
    Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 (Gwen-pool)
    Thors #1 Action Figure Cover
    Minions #1
    Transformers #42
    Harley Quinn and Powergirl #1
    Runaways #1 Phil Noto Variant

  9. Picked up the following at my lcs
    Ravenous 2 all covers! 1 regular cover 1 sketch and 2 color variants. Flipped one already 🙂
    Mad max furiosa no blank covers 🙁
    Empty zone 1
    Deadpool Gwenpool variant
    Old man logan gwen cover
    Harley quinn and power girl variant
    Manifest destiny
    Jla joker cover
    Harrow County 2
    E8ght 5
    Shaper 4

  10. Also if anyone is looking for Revenous #1, a local comic shop has them for cover. If your interested I can do u the favor and get it for you. It will be cover plus whatever shipping is. Let me know. Tony has my email too and u can get it from him

  11. I picked up a lot of cool books today but nothing was cooler than a signed and numbered copy of Zegas #0 (number 6 of 300) signed by Michele Fiffe. These are badass and a must pick up for Copra fans.

  12. Howdy!
    Meant to be a light week…then those darn LCS got their hooks in me 🙂
    Low #7 + Variant (newly in my top reads)
    Ms. Marvel #16
    Moon Knight #16
    Daredevil #508 – 512
    Daredevil Vol2 #5
    Low #3-6 (moved from TP to singles)
    Marvel Premiere #38
    20 Top Loaders
    Enjoy the week 🙂
    – Craig Coffman

  13. Late to the party but I picked up (mainly online as I could not get to local comic shop this week)
    Plants v Zombies #1 : Bully For You – (for the kid)
    Minions #1 (ditto)
    Archie vs Predator #3 (Pope variant cover. Also looking forward to the Archie Sharknado one shot)
    Ei8ht #5 (Brilliant read)
    Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 (Gwenpool variant)
    Justice League of America #1 (Flash Variant) (Didn’t want to pass up a #1 but unlikely to continue with series)
    Thors #1 (Action Figure Variant)
    Wonder Woman #41 (Joker Variant)
    Mad Max: Fury Road: Furiosa (Blank Variant)

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