The Great Five Below Comic Pack Hunt


Ok this is kind of fun.
I received an email from someone who forwarded me an auction. The auction was for an Amazing Spider-Man #4 Ramos variant with three other comics.
The variant and the three other comics were bagged in a value pack of comics for $4.
When I ran out to pick up my books, I swung by the Five Below near there, and sadly, did not find the Amazing Spider-Man #4 Ramos variant, but I did find 10 copies of All New Marvel Now Point One which features the first full appearance of Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel. Sadly six of the covers were massively crushed in the corners, but did walk away with four copies that were nice. The book sells for $10-$15 dollars, so for plunking down $4, I should do OK on these.
If you do run out and look, let us know if you find anything!

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    1. Just wanted to let you know I cleared out 10 stores in the Philly area a couple weeks ago…so better try another area…spent 164$ on marvel 4pks.

      1. I got a lot of Amazing Spiderman #4 Ramos variant, like 20, the rest were All New Marvel Point 1 (1st and 2nd Print), Captain Marvel #1 1:50 Variant, Electra #1 1:50 variant, and some Young variants.

  1. Five Below? Those are at the malls right? Yeah, it’s not worth it to me.. I avoid malls like they’re the plague… 😉

    1. I didn’t open them but I did slide the comic so I could see what they were. There are a couple of amazing Spiderman number one in there. They are essentially the same comics each time so the front, and the back comic are the same as are the middle comics. There are two different sets of four.
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      1. Ok,checked out 2 local 5 Belows and found 5 packs with the Point One # 1 in them. All of them have a different comic on back,itching to see what’s inside. Wise move? Or more valuable unopened,,hmmmm…..

  2. In chicago I just hit up a five below they had like 25 different kind of 4 packs but No Asm 4 or Point one bummer

  3. Hit the Philly & Philly burbs shops today, got a few packs with the ANMNPO #1 1st print, corners look no worse than usual with the light bindery issues

  4. I may add, don’t forget to check those thin cello assorted packs. A few years ago at Five Below I got a mint DD 184 that was showing on the top and another pack with a FF 167 in the middle! At least with the mixed packs you can lift the top book a bit and see what’s inside. Saw a pack with New Mutants 21 in the middle today

  5. Yeah there is no stores here in San Diego so good luck to all you lucky east coast guys. Hope you find some goodies

  6. so i just picked up 5 packs but does anyone know where these back issues come from? Seems like the ASM 4 variants were semi hard to come by and 1:50 even more..

      1. It’s probably extra stock from Marvel themselves. How else could some random company put the official Marvel logo on the packaging without getting into legal trouble? Maybe Five Below has a deal with Marvel to buy up over stock in bulk? I saw at least 30 packs with Captain America #46 Torch variant between a few stores, and a bunch of the FF #1 animal variant.
        It’s really hit or miss with those stores, sometimes they have different packs every 2 or 3 weeks, and sometimes they have no comics for a couple months

  7. I was able to find a few of the ANMNPO 2nd print packs.. Looks like a few have sold for $29 on eBay as of yesterday. Score!

      1. Ok,checked out 2 local Five Belows and found 5 packs with the Point One # 1 in them. All of them have a different comic on back,itching to see what’s inside. Wise move? Or more valuable unopened,,hmmmm…..

        1. I found a bunch of the second prints tonight. The are more valuable. Going to list them as unopened and see what happens. For the most part there seems to be an “anchor” book of a variant or a more expensive one and then regular books.

  8. Was able to get amazing spiderman and point one. Also got black panter #1 Djurdjevic variant. im going back tomorrow see what other gems they have

  9. It’s worth it to know what the spine looks like of the books you’re looking for… Found a few more ANMPO’s today that were inside the four pack with no good books front and back. Just turned and peaked from the side

      1. What are the 2nd prints they are worth it? I got this manager at the store to call me anytime he gets a comic shipment sometime it pays to ask

      1. ANMPO 1 2nd prints. Flipped two yesterday with in a few hours of posting. Put a third up this morning but haven’t had anything but views and a watcher.

  10. I’ve been hitting up five belies as well. Came across ANMPO’s 1:50 variant. About 5 of them. Should I hold or sell! ?!

    1. 5 of them?? #1 McNiven variant? One just sold on EBay for $199.50..
      Profit is profit at that point, I would list them

      1. I guess I need to go back and look again for those!
        Has anyone found anything else worth grabbing and flipping from there in these packs?

        1. Looks like a lot of small variants but keep seeing people finding ASM 4 variants. I found first and second print ANMN point one first and second prints and have heard of people finding the variants. The two stores I went by today were picked over.

  11. ill have to go look again this week. I have 4 or 5 stores with in a radius of me. I had only really looked for the ANMPO’s which is when i found the second prints. defintely could be worth the second trips for some other big books.

  12. The Five Below here is a half hour away so I rarely get there, but a few months ago I did score 7 copies of All-New Marvel Now Point One and 4 copies of the 1:100 variant to X-men#10.NOW; the B&W Cassaday Variant. Sadly, it doesn’t really go for much on eBay, but maybe someday… But yeah, it really puzzled me how a 1:100 Variant lands in a Five Below Grab Bag in-quantity! Wish I could find some of those ASM#4’s!! Tempted to trek there again to see what they’ve re-stocked…

      1. Hard to see the hidden 2 books in my 5 packs with ANMPO # 1 in them. Is it worth opening them to see what’s in there or more valuable unopened?

      2. All 5 are 4 packs(Here is opposite books: X23 #1 (Marvel’s Greatest Comics version) Amazing Spiderman 1.1 Learning To Crawl,Original Sin # 4,Avengers # 30 Original Sin (2nd prntg) and Avengers Vs. X Men #6 (Variant w/ color Storm b& w Thor)

      3. Wow, just looked my 5 ANMNPO # 1s and 2 of 5 are 2nd prints..they are worth more,correct? I may just open all of these sets to see what’s inside,hard to see books and move around…..

    1. Great find ! What area did you find these? I am in Philly area and found 5 ANMPO #1’s (3 -1st print,2 of the 2nd print)

  13. Just left one in south central PA.
    Nothing good to report. Bought two packs..both had an Original Sin visible.
    Wolverine 3 months to die second print and some variant Avenger vs xmen covers were best of show
    Hitting another location Tommorw

  14. I picked up 4 of the Marvel 4 packs from my Local FiveBelow and Got
    2 x Wolverine 1 (2010) blank Variant,
    2 x Superior Spider-man 29 Molina Variant,
    2 x Superior Spider-Man 27 Brooks Variant.
    I also got a Nightcrawler #4, a couple Wolverine First Class #14 Variant, and a bunch of 2nd Printing Superior Spiderman #31. Judging by what some of these have sold for on ebay, I think I got a pretty good deal. The comics were all newer and in great condition.

  15. I bought 3 packs…all had variants….the kids by me dont care….the spiderman, point one, fantastic 4 animal, black panther, and Exile variant…and a ton more…I’m just learning about comics but every time I go it’s a goldmine…I should not tell anyone…loo

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