Variant Envy: Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa Blank Sketch Cover

blank 1
Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 Blank Variant. Long title for a book with no cover art.
We mentioned Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 Blank Variant in our Picks of the Week post. But there may be more to it than originally thought.
Word is getting around that the blank sketch variant was only available for order for retailers for one day. With that, many retailers may have missed out on ordering them. The print run is rumored to be very low on this, very very low. I have seen two different potential covers for it, pictured below.
This one is sold out. Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa #1 Blank Variant might be one to be on the hunt for!
blank 1
blank 2

20 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa Blank Sketch Cover”

  1. There’s a dude selling doubles of the variant for 20 shipped. I pulled the trigger. I was allocated on my order and LOVE the way it looks. Plus, I’m betting 6 dollars a cover plus shipping is as cheap as these will ever be.

  2. Liked the movie, LOVED the last comic installment. I felt it added the backstory to the movie that was missing. For the Furiosa…I like the standard cover, but with the blank…does anyone know if it still contains the original cover? Sort of the blank cover wrapping over the original book? I did notice that the blank covers for the recent marvel offerings added a nice protection of sorts for the book. However, what a “blah” thing to look at once cgc’d if no original artwork on the thing. Just my thought..

    1. Yea, I’m not a fan of seeing blank covers cgc’d…blank canvases need art! If you can’t get no one to draw on it, doodle something on it yourself!

      1. See, I thought the regular cover looked atrocious. The sketch variant really pops with the lettering on an all white background.

  3. I nabbed some from Austin Books on eBay who have 5 copy lots for $24.99.. so right at cover + shipping. I bought online though, they’ll likely have this one listed for $9.99 or higher in the store.

    1. And of course they had them in the shop, but limited to 1 per person. Seems they had around 20 copies of each of the regular and blank.
      One other shop got only 15 copies and they were sold out before they opened their doors the girl claimed.
      Another shop had around 15 copies as well. So very slim pickings, the fans are gonna gobble these up so pick them up and flip’em!

  4. The comic shop I went to had 20 copies. I was going to grab them all but I am not the griddle type so I just grabbed 2.

  5. Went to my lcs newbury comics and the manager always puts every blank sketch cover aside for me and this was in my bin. I was so happy couldn’t find any online less than $10-20 but paid less than cover for it. Nice score

  6. Spoke to my lcs owner and he said that there was a widespread problem with the ordering for this blank variant, but that they were supposed to get as many of the blank ones as the regular cover. They will be getting them in on July 1st instead. It’s on my pull list now. Perhaps check with your shops before shelling out too much for these on ebay…

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