Southern Bastards Optioned by FX

Yee-ha! Jason Aaron and Jason Latour’s gritty series Southern Bastards has been optioned by FX.

Jason Aaron and Jason LaToyr’s Southern Bastards has been optioned and will be developed as a one-hour drama at FX, reports Deadline.
The series, which debuted last year at Image Comics, centers on the power struggle between the son of a former sheriff in a small town in the southern United States and a criminal mastermind who is also the coach of a successful high school football team.
The ninth issue of the series came out this week.
Aaron and LaTour will adapt the pilot and serve as executive producers on the series.

Copies of Southern Bastards #1 are cheap for now. The Third Eye Variant is up for $9.99 with free shipping. They also have the Forbidden Planet Variant for $14.99 with free shipping as well.

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      1. Ghosted would make me just as happy. That first issue of Nailbiter had me from the first couple pages. They just can’t please us horror nuts enough.

      1. I can only imagine what my convention teasers and cover album would go for if that day ever came. Then again I’d probably refuse to let go, I love the series to much.

    1. CBLDF variant seems to still be available from the site ($25.00) … The print run must be huge its been over a year since its release.

      1. I think most forgot about them.. at times the CBLDF comes out a month or two after the original release so the hype is gone..

    2. There are a few variants in this one. I offered up signed copies last year of the Third Eye and Forbidden Planet variant. Kudos to all the got them. You can jump over to the artist signings page and check them out.

      1. I actually got all the variants on this one except the CBLDF one which came out later so I should probably try to find that one before it goes up. I think I ended up with 3-4 regular covers originally, been holding out. Decisions decisions.. sell one now to make up some cost of the original ones or hold out and see if a show actually happens for more profit.. I can totally see this type of show on FX though..

  1. If it’s getting adapted it’s worth looking into more than #1, the Death of Earl, as well as the origin of Coach Boss could end up as pretty pivotal moments in any translation of the show. They’re also a lot easier to find than #1. This could be like Preacher where everyone rushed #1, and #2 and forgot about the rest of the key apperances and moments in the book until months later.

    1. Jason Aaron has said, multiple times and I’ve also asked him personally (you go to a lot of Jason Aaron signings of you live in KC), that the First Southern Bastards thing in Scalped is NOT the same characters or universe. It might be an early take on an idea, but he’s said Southern Bastards never premiered in that book.

      1. He’s posted saying that page 7 panel is to blame for SB. That isn’t Earl though, it’s just the basis for his character design.

        1. I don’t usually bother with them myself. I still go for the first prints. I only get the second, third and beyond if I’m just doing a complete set (like Divinity)…

        2. 3rd print so small, doesn’t even show up on Comic Chron’s monthly sales.
          FYI, Midtown has both 2nd and 3rd prints in stock, as does a few other online stores like Graham’s last I checked.

        1. Its an estimation based on looking at the top 400 selling books for the month the reprint came out. The bottom of that months is around the 1,500 range. Since the Southern Bastards reprint does not fall in the top 400, it would have to be below that range.

        2. In a nutshell, if you don’t see a book, Diamond released no data for it according to Comic Chron. That just indicates the number of comics printed, ordered or preordered were lower than 1500 more than likely. It’s just a guesstimate but it’s a rule of thumb from what I’ve read.

      1. Thanks, gentlemen, I really appreciate the info. Don’t mean to hijack this conversation, but I’ve got a related question for you. Do you often see sales numbers on ComicChron split between two months? I ran into that with Squarriors #2 sales listed in both March and April.

        1. Usually if they’re listed again, in another month it indicates a 2nd printing or another variant that came out after the initial release, etc. I’m not sure on Squarriors #2 though, not sure of a 2nd print or other variants.

        2. I guess in certain cases they didn’t sell out the first month and the next month they completed more orders.

      1. Yeah, cause #2 was in the 5k range.. then it started to creep back up. It wasn’t until #7 that it hit the 10k range and never looked back.. 😉

  2. This is great I have a complete set of #1-8, was going to stop there but I guess I have to go get #9 tomorrow.

  3. Just now seeing this post. Awesome. Great book…I need to catch up though.
    Sitting on at least 10 raw copies of the first issue, plus one CGC 9.8 and one CGC 9.6.
    Hopefully this project develops as quickly as The Strain did…and does just as well.

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