Wolverine 3 to be based on Old Man Logan?

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Rumor has it the third and final movie in the Wolverine Series staring Hugh Jackman, is set to be based off “Old Man Logan”.

Old Man Logan first appears in Wolverine #66 from the 2003 series.

A rumor reported by Umberto “El Mayimbe” Gonzales on an episode of the “Marvel Movie News” video cast suggests that Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine movie will be based on the “Old Man Logan” storyline.
“Old Man Logan” is a storyline from artist Steve McNiven and writer Mark Millar that ran from 2008-2009 in the pages of the Wolverine ongoing series. The story was set in a future gone dystopian after the supervillains of the Marvel Universe banded together and eliminated all of the world’s superheroes in one fell swoop.
If the rumor is true, the film would have to be based on the comics in a pretty loose sense. Wolverine and Emma Frost are the only X-Men characters in the story. The rest of the story’s cast is made up of Marvel Studios controlled characters like the Hulk, Hawkeye, Mysterio and the Red Skull. Mysterio could easily enough be replaced by Mastermind or another psychic mutant to at least give the movie the same setup, but adapting the rest of the story would require some serious rewriting. Of course, Millar consults for Fox on their Marvel movies, so he may be able to help them do just that.
The third Wolverine movie is scheduled for theatrical release on March 3, 2017.

12 thoughts on “Wolverine 3 to be based on Old Man Logan?”

      1. I know. It just seems the trend now is adapting current or recent comics/storylines for movie/tv outlets. It’s like the comics are a testing ground for an eventual multimedia adaptation.

  1. Wouldn’t necessarily need that much work, if this rumour which has been floating around for forever and a day is true, they could easily reach a shared agreement like they have with ASM in order to line both their pockets. Even then, Logan didn’t really enter into conflict with any Marvel big names until 72 and GS OML. It wouldn’t be super hard to write RS and Hulk out, and put somebody else in. It feels harder to name characters Logan has a positive relationship with than those he’s chaffed against over the years. Pick two and you’ve got a story in the can. It’ll most likely be same name alone, like every other X-Property they’ve adapted, if it’s true at all.

      1. Eactly, maybe instead of Red Skull he fights Dr Doom who appeared ominously in a single panel of OML, but because Millar chose not to revisit the story, we never saw again. That’s if the narrative the develop even needs the trip to the capitol. They could easily craft a narrative in which he’s traveling alone in order to solve both the Hawkeye and Red Skull problem. It isn’t any harder to adapt than anything else, I just don’t know if I buy this super old rumour.

  2. I know it’s been floating around forever, I’d just love to see something concrete on the new film. A title, anything that hints at the plot. If it happens that’s awesome though, I’ve got doubles of OML except for 70 and Giant Size, and I’m sure I know somebody with extras of those.

    1. That’s where I was but I’ve been grabbing issues where I can find them at cover. Its pretty much dry around here now though.

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