Variant Envy: GI Joe #216 Baroness Action Figure Variant

I haven’t read a GI Joe comic in years. But with the recent death of Snake Eyes books I have been hooked. The Snake Eyes Action Figure cover made me nostalgic for the carded toys. Looks like the line of Action Figure Variants will continue:
The next one up is GI Joe #216 featuring the raven haired bad girl Baroness. These are limited to 1,500 copies. You can check them out at More Great Art. This was a joint venture between MGA and Hall of Comics.
With as many Cos-players who dress as Baroness, I could see this being an easy sell at conventions for years, and that doesn’t even include all the guys who grew up with the femme fatale in their collections.
I feel like the Baronesse Action Figure Variant will be a hit.

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      1. They’ll be getting my money then each month… I’ve bought two of the Snake Eyes.. now I must buy two of these..

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