Phantom Variant Mock Up for Archie #1

I got an email from Larry, head honcho of Larry’s Comics and the Phantom Variant group. He was referencing the Archie #1 ASM 300 Homage cover we ran the other night.
He stated that his shops art club had wanted to do an ASM 300 Homage Phantom Variant. I have been a big fan of these and have actually picked up every one of the Phantoms plus ASM 301, The Agent Venom Cover. Only missing the Silk one with Black Cat and the Spawn one. (Will be picking them up just to complete the set.) Anyway, when Larry sent this one over to me, it made me smile as it is the classic Archie that captures the feel of the long running original series. The details that get me are the milkshake in hand, jumping through the hula hoop, the hearts coming off Betty and Veronica, and of course Jug Heads cheeseburger. Just really captures that classic feel. I know people have gotten a little warn out on these, but it made me smile at what could have been. 

2 thoughts on “Phantom Variant Mock Up for Archie #1”

  1. This is a better cover then the other one. It really captures Archie’s look. I might get one just cuz it was well thought out

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