Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic day. It is like your birthday in the middle of every week. Each week we open it up to hear your pick ups. Or what ever else you want to ask or talk about.
So let’s hear it.
What books did you pick up this week?
What back issues?
What was sitting on the shelf in piles?
What had disappeared?

46 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. The definite pickups:
    Fight Club 2 #2
    Suiciders #5
    Fade Out #7
    Invisible Republic #4
    Sons of the Devil #2
    Spread #8
    Thief of Thieves #29
    Tithe #3
    Walking Dead #143
    Black Widow #19
    Punisher #19
    Uncanny Avengers #5
    Ninjak #4
    Mayday #3
    Black Hood #5
    I’m actually dropping Rasputin.. no longer digging it..

    1. How is Tithe doing? I was intrigued by the preview. It seems I’m more and more wary of adding pulls nowadays though. I should be more open-minded.

    2. So, my findings from two shops this morning:
      Ninjak #4 Cover A was hard to come by. One shop had only 1 left on the shelf (got there when it opened). Had several Cover B and C, no other covers. Another shop had only 4 Cover A on their shelf.
      Mad Max Fury Road #1 2nd Printing – Neither shop got these.

    3. This week will likely be my last Rasputin. I dropped it off my pull after the last issue, as it is moving far too slow. I grabbed it today on the off chance it picks up, but I’m not holding my breath.

      1. 1st issue was awesome.. it definitely lost me after that one, I just kept giving it chances. It’s too slow and I need a little more dialogue or narrative now to know what’s going on.

  2. Small week for me:
    Fight Club 2 #2
    Mayday #3
    Spread #8
    Walking Dead #143
    Evil Dead 2 Beyond Dead by Dawn #1 (Maybe)

  3. Just Reread Fight Club FCB Issue and Fight Club 2 #1. I wasn’t impressed with #1 the first time around, but I have to say that reading the FCBD issue along with #1 has my juices going again. Excited for #2 tomorrow now. So, my picks are:
    -Fight Club 2 #2 (Francavilla Variant); I may get the Mack Zebra variant. Dark Horse is calling it an “FOC Ultra variant” whatever that means. We’ll see what my LCS has, that’s part of the fun.
    -May ##1-3. I’ve slept on this one. My LCS has the Alexis Ziritt variant to #1 still in stock so I’ll probably pick up 1-3 and see what the fuss is about.
    Other than that:
    -Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #1
    -Infinity Gauntlet #2
    -Korvac Saga #1
    -MODOK Assassin #2
    -X-Men ’92 #1
    -E is for Extinction #1
    Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

    1. Yeah….that’s supposed to read “Mayday.” I need to take some advice from Simon and Garfunkel. “Slow down, you move too fast…”

    2. So what I ended up with:
      -Fight Club 2……..#2. I got the David Mack “FOC Ultra Variant” like I wanted. Can’t wait to see where Sebastian’s dissociative personality disorder heads!
      -Mayday ## 1 & 3. My LCS was out of #2, but thankfully Black Mask has them from their own online store direct. Nabbed two to make up for it.
      -Age of Ultron Vs. Marvel Zombies #1. A name so long that it doesn’t get anything else said about it.
      -Infinity Gauntlet #2.
      -Howard the Duck #4. I heard this was a Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars tie-in which means it is a tie-in of a tie-in to a cross-over event, but not the current cross-over event, the 1984 cross-over event….phew!
      -MODOK Assassin #2. MODOK is hilarious in Secret Wars right now!
      -E is for Extinction #1. Flipped through. Saw a flash of wolverine SNIKT-ing somebody’s fingers off and gave it a “yes!”
      -Ninjak #4. I got Cover C…I think. No 1:20 variant in either shop I frequent. In fact, one was “shorted” or allocated if you will and didn’t receive any. Same shop who doesn’t order Black Mask books. Serves ’em right.

  4. Fight club 2 #2 Voc variant
    Mayday 3
    Web warriors #8 spider-man/dead pool
    Walking dead 143
    Howard the duck 4 McGuinness
    And just finished my last of every Howard appearance with foom 15 , call me crazy , I like that duck!

  5. Went to the grand opening of a retail chain that’s basically nerd pawn. Picked up a lot of cool swag, among those pick ups were:
    Captain America (Brubaker) 1-13
    Civil War 1-7
    Deadpool (Kelly) 1-6, DP/Death Annual, 17, 18, 19, 36-38 (black summer)
    Detective Comics 871
    Barman 426, 635
    Flash 92, 93
    Marvel Premier 38
    Ms. Marvel 1-3
    Wolverine 66, 67
    Space Pirates 2, 3
    Spider-Man 1 gold variant X2
    Thunderbolt 1, 2, 3, 45
    Ultimate Comics Fallout 4
    Only set me back about 150 bucks, which I didn’t have right after fixing my car, but you don’t find that kind of a haul laying around unless you religiously shop estate sales. There was more too, I’d just hit my limit for what I could spend. Passed the JLA 183-185, BOP 1, 8, and BOP Brightest Day 1 onto a buddy t9 make sure what I passed found a good home.

    1. That is quite a good haul! What store did you go to?
      Also, I would suggest if JLA 183-185 is still available and in good condition that you add those. I think that will be a solid get for the upcoming movie.
      – Craig Coffman

  6. This week’s picks:
    Batgirl #41 ×2
    Mad max Nux & Immortan Joe #1
    Spread #8
    Tithe #3
    Infinity Gauntlet #2
    X-men 92′ #1
    We can never go home #3 ( was able to get 2 of them before they sold out)

  7. Don’t sleep on Batgirl #41. Sold out at diamond. Livewire! Do not sleep on Ninjak #4 standard cover and cover “E”. Roku origin!
    Batgirl #41 (multiple)
    E Is For Extinction #1 (Action Figure variant) (multiple)
    Howard the Duck #4 (Howard/Gwen variant) (multiple)
    Infinity Gauntlet #2 (Variant) (multiple)
    Venture #1 (all 3 covers) (multiple)
    Mayday #3 (multiple)
    Evil Dead 2 #1 (multiple)
    Ninjak #4 (standard and cover “E”) (multiple)
    Walking Dead #143 (multiple)
    Also picking up:
    Fight Club 2 #2
    Mulan Revelations #1
    G.I. Joe #215
    Kaptara #3
    Material #2
    Sons of the Devil #2
    Spread #8
    Korvac Saga #1
    X-Men ’92 #1
    Planet Hulk #2
    Scarlet Couture #3
    Surface Tension #2

      1. That Four Color Grails cover is beautiful. Plus, they sent me another copy of a Ninjak #1 retailer incentive variant when they shipped mine to me.
        Those guys are building up some momentum. Too bad the June box is a little “meh.”

    1. The art alone would be worth it. It looks phenomenal inside. Plus there are cool little gear blueprints inside the front cover. Definitely a good book. I’m pulling Ninjak and Bloodshot Reborn right now and couldn’t be happier with those Valiant picks.

      1. Yeah, originally I read XO and Bloodshot. Bloodshot got silly when HARDCorps showed up.. now Lemire has revived Bloodshot with Reborn, so good stuff. Ninjak is just great stuff as well, great art and even better writing. Now I’m back to 3 titles for Valiant, just waiting on the second arc of Divinity this coming winter.

  8. Light week…so started to pre-order some SDCC stuff. For the fans of Chew, there is a variant for 50 that is awesome! Also signed up to Nerdblock after seeing a variant for Minions, so thought why not, GF will like the stuff in it. Need to get on the flipping again this week…I’ve mostly been selling big profit books, and got shit loads of small flips stacking up!
    Aquaman #41 (Joker Variant)
    Flash #41
    Superman #41
    Previews #322
    Spread #8
    Thief Of Thieves #29
    Evil Dead 2 Beyond Dead By Dawn #1

  9. small week
    1. Howard the Duck 4
    2. Spread 8
    3. Walking Dead 143
    Anybody know anything about the release schedule for Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows and Rat Queens? Seems messed up. Also what happened to the new issue of Enormous? Wasn’t that supposed to come out this week?

  10. Batgirl #41
    E is for Extinction #1 (action figure variant)
    Superman #41
    Howard the Duck #4 (Gwen Variant)
    Evil Dead 2 Beyond Dead by Dawn #1
    Fight Club #2 (Francavilla variant)
    Ninjak #4
    Infinity Gauntlet #2
    Also picked up Imperium #5 because Divinity turns up in the new story arc I believe at around issue 7 and wanted to get the whole Broken Angels story
    Also, slight off topic, but does anyone know where I can get a few of my comics CGC graded and some autographs verified in the United Kingdom?

  11. Deathstroke #7
    The Infinity Gauntlet #2
    Invisible Republic #4
    X-men ’92 #1
    The Fade Out #7
    Planet Hulk #2
    The Walking Dead #143
    Injustice Year Four: #4

  12. Got some good stuff in back issue bins this week!
    Fight Club 2 #2
    Spread #8
    Walking Dead #143
    Black Widow #18 (just got super into this series. And Phil Notos art is awesome. One of my top 5 favorite artists)
    Airboy #1 (heard too many great things about this. Had to pick up the last issue on the shelf)
    Dollar bin finds:
    15 Defenders comics from the 70s. Early issues 60 and below
    20 Dr. Strange early issues from the 1973(?) run
    Ninjak #1 comicspro retailer variant. This was probably the best find.
    Great day overall!

  13. Howdy! I light week but more than I had initially thought. I suppose that is how it goes 🙂
    Korvac #1
    Batgirl #41 x3 – Drank the Kool Aid on that
    Inhumans Attilan Rising #2 Gwendusa
    Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1, 2, 7, 8
    Infinity Gauntlet #4 – Love that cover
    Devil Dinosaur #1
    X-Men #269
    Thor #163
    and my wife got me ASM #62 9.6 CGC for Father’s Day. I was stoked!
    Enjoy the week and the reads 🙂
    – Craig Coffman

      1. Thank you! She is a pretty rad lady AND endorses my comic collection. Definitely struck gold with her 🙂
        – Craig Coffman

    1. People buy that comic? I think Matt Hawkins has some great ideas, comes out with some cool books.. but I seem to lose interest really fast, the first couple of issues are usually great, then it just goes down hill fast for me on a few of his other titles. I hope the same doesn’t happen with Tithe and Postal, cause I’m enjoying them currently..

      1. I liked Think Tank, but admittedly stopped reading it around issue 10. What i did notice is that it read like an easily adaptable script and would make an interesting premise for a show. Do not know if it would work out, but while reading it my thought was these pictures should be moving.
        I have not checked out Tithe or Postal, but I hear good rumblings about Postal.
        – Craig Coffman

        1. I admit, I never picked up Think Tank but whenever I’m at the store, I never see anyone buying it or talking about it. I’m just making assumptions on my previous comments. I don’t think I’ve ever gone past an issue 5 with a Hawkins title.. maybe he should stick to mini-series that are just 4 issues or so.. 🙂

          1. Oh, I was not offended or anything. And saying I liked it does not mean it was my favorite book of the month or anything 🙂 I just thought it was a good read with obvious potential to adapt to a screen somewhere, likely television. And, as noted, I did not make it beyond 10, maybe 11, with the series.
            I do not think you are missing anything by not reading it, but if you stumble across a trade or have some time in your LCS with a copy, it is not the worst read you could choose. Light, well paced and a potentially interesting character / plot. Not overwhelming praise, but I would be psyched if the big two could deliver that on a weekly basis with all their titles 😉
            – Craig Coffman

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