Mel's Variant Pick of the Week

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Hey Chu! Here we go with our second variant pick of the week.
I appreciate the dialogue on the last one, not everyone will be to everyone’s liking.
This week we have to go with one getting a lot of buzz on-line.
Ninjak #4 1:20 Variant (none showing on ebay at the moment but expect some to pop up tonight or tomorrow.) this features the origin of Roku, the newest baddie Ninjak has had to face. She has become pretty popular among Ninjak fans, and Valiant fans as well. On-Line stores are sold out, so good luck finding one. This will have to be a race to the LCS and hope they hit the order threshold.
(editors note: we had it listed as a 1:50 variant when it is a 1:20 variant) edited for correctness

3 thoughts on “Mel's Variant Pick of the Week”

  1. That one is gonna be hard to come by. None of my local shops seem to get the Valiant 1:50 variants.. most don’t order more than 20 to 30 it seems for the most part.

  2. I have a LCS that sells variants at cover price and also orders high volume of just about everything they bring in. If this Ninjak variant is there, I’ll grab it. I’m not calling this a “chase-down” variant, though.

    1. The LCS that sells variants at cover in my area was damn busy at opening time.. I think too many are figuring out… it must stop! 😉

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