Wytches Movie first draft written

Wytches came out last October to great fanfare. While Scott Snyder was at NYCC he broke the news the comic was optioned for a movie by Brad Pitt’s production company. Little news has come out since then. Not long ago it was leaked that there were producers involved. Now,in an interview, Scott Snyder mentioned the first draft of the script has been written.
Vulture.com had an interview with Snyder where he talked about the book, and the movie came up. Here is the interaction.

So, I know there’s only so much you can say about this, but Wytches got picked up by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, for a movie adaptation. What’s the status there?
The film version seems to be going along great. Plan B has been really wonderful to us, sort of giving us a window into that process and putting us in touch with the screenwriter, who’s just finished his first draft. He was actually just in South America and he was going hiking, and he found this series of underground caverns and sent us pictures, me and Jock. And he was like, “I found a [wytch] burrow!” I love the version that they’re making, which cuts pretty close to ours with a few small differences.

Copies of the regular cover first issue of Wytches is extremely affordable. CGC 9.8 copies are as low as $39.95 (I am still sitting on three copies graded 9.8 myself.) Most of the variants have come down too. The NYCC variant, which was once selling for over $200 can now be had for $35.00.
Thanks to Kevin Winger for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Wytches Movie first draft written”

  1. Be nice to see some traction for this book. It was just such a stale story with such lackluster interiors, I don’t even want a personal set of this book anymore. Its just I’d rather burn them if the deal falls through then sell them for pennies. These books were supposed to make a great trade bait. I’ve got hopes that they still will someday soon.

  2. This is such great news. The story and art is one of the best in my opinion. Just finished reading the last issue on Wednesday and it left me wanting more. Just hope they start the second arch soon and not make us wait to long.

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