Enormous Video Game in the works?

 If you are a fan of Enormous there could be more great news on the way besides the TV show. You should start following Adrian Askarieh on Twitter at least.
This little gem popped up not too long ago.

Prices of Enormous #1, the little book that could, have come down a bit. The NYCC Variant of #1 still is the gem of the series going for $550-$700 on eBay in 9.8 CGC. The print run on these were 106 copies. (I had several of them and now completely regret selling sets at $215 each, still have 1 left though.) The other 2 gems of the series, which you never see come up for sale are the Comicsheatingup Variants. Just saying, they seem to be firmly lodged in peoples collections. I recently sent this gem off for grading:
I also had Nonplayer’s Nate Simpson do a little doodle on one for me too. (I squirreled away the last 10 copies of each cover.)

7 thoughts on “Enormous Video Game in the works?”

      1. Nice one! I am still not sure who I would like to mark up my sketch cover. But hopefully after I do it comes back with a grade like yours. 🙂

        1. My first blank that I sent off was the first one out of the box. It came back a 9.4. I had Johnny Christmas do one because I am a fan of his. Had Nate Simpson do one for the same reason. I am sitting on like 10 more blanks to get sketched up.

      2. I am a big fan of Johnny Christmas as well. Mostly due to Sheltered. Always a good idea to put a little stash aside for these types of reasons. Anymore blanks left? 😉

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