The All-New Avengers Assemble this fall

Marvel is getting the Avengers back together with the All-New All-Different Avengers.

The Marvel Universe returns this fall, and at the forefront, a brand new band of Earth’s mightiest lead the charge as the premier team of the Marvel Universe. Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, returns to lead an all-new and all-different team Avengers – Captain America [Sam Wilson], Thor [Jane Foster], Vision, and the unlikeliest of heroes – Miles Morales, a.k.a. Spider-Man, Nova, and Ms. Marvel! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS #1 – a new ongoing series from blockbuster writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, S.H.I.E.L.D.) and artistic duties from Adam Kubert (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows) and Mahmud Asrar (All-New X-Men).
Kicking off the new series, writer Mark Waid plans no training period and a baptismal by chaos and WAR! “As faithful NOVA readers will recognize, the main villain in our first story – Warbringer – has strong ties to Sam Alexander [a.k.a. Nova], but does Sam dare confess this to the team after the havoc Warbringer wreaks in New York City?​”
Waid also plans to place hurdle after hurdle in front of this new team including a challenge a majority of people have to deal with every day – financial responsibility. “One of the Avengers’ often-undiscussed ‘superpowers’ has always been Tony Stark’s boundless fortune. As readers of Brian Bendis’s upcoming INVINCIBLE IRON MAN will see, Tony can no longer be the team’s sole financial resource–meaning that our Avengers will have to operate a little more modestly and with limits to their resources, making their battles even more challenging.”
The Avengers assemble this fall for a team that will truly live up to the name the series title implicitly states that is all-new, all-different, and like no other Avengers team ever. “This team is a group of characters that you’ve never seen operate together before, no matter how long you may have been reading comics, and yet it’s also a team that upholds the Avengers’ traditions—there’s nobody among these characters that you look at and feel hasn’t earned their place on the team or in the spotlight, the way some past Avengers occasionally have,” says Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “And it’s possibly the most real-world reflective Avengers team of all time, with only a single white male to be found amidst the membership rolls.”
The Avengers assemble this fall as the Marvel’s mightiest take on all-new foes, all-new challenges and present an all-new team in ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS #1!

5 thoughts on “The All-New Avengers Assemble this fall”

  1. so… itll have 23 issues, be cancelled for another series, which will last for a year , and then be cancelled again to be brought back with the original all new all same avengers team from the 60s? because…. marvel is running out of ideas, and as much as i would like to be optimistic, theyve had 6 relaunches in 5 years, so any number 1 that i pick up from marvel, usually dosent have a long life ( im looking at you, spider gwen, silk, ms marvel, captain marvel, wolverine, amazing spiderman, fantastic four, daredevil volume 15)

      1. With regards to political correctness…this is the most marketable team ever conceived. If we find out that the Vision was actually designed in the Far East (or at least a few body parts) then the PR juggernaut is complete. Too bad the falcon has to “pretend” to be someone else.

      2. Nooooo…. I like the Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye team the most. Throw in Vision and I’m cool with that, throw in some others from time to time and I’m cool. I don’t mind the seeing the same team, what I want is fresh stories. New faces or characters with lackluster story telling doesn’t work for me.

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