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I took a much-needed vacation last week so forgive me for playing catch up. Before we get serious a quick side note. So we had Bush and Clinton running for the White House, Jurassic World is #1 in theaters and Terminator is out next month. You would think it’s 1992 all over again. There is only one thing missing, Furbys! (Yes, I know they are ’98) That’s right; Furbys are back and in demand just like back in the day. Now add the Internet and they are all kinds of creepy. I didn’t take everyone serious last July when people were telling me to stock up for Holidays. I have kids of my own and we aren’t going to make that mistake twice.

Some of this years Furbys are already up for those interested.

Orange to Pink Furby Boom

Pink to Blue Furby Boom

So with summer blockbusters come summer toys. That said, grab everything Jurassic World if you can.

You should see the prices on the older movies toys.

Terminator hits theaters July 10th and Reaction has a ton of Terminator figures. They added the T-1000 Final Battle and T-1000 Metallic Reaction Figures from Judgment Day.

We already mentioned how huge the Ted 2 bears are going to be so here they are if you missed them.
Ted 2 24 inch R-Rated Bear with specimen cup.

Then there is Ant-Man coming July 17th. I already said that this has that Guardians of the Galaxy feeling written all over it. Throw in a goofball like Paul Rudd talking to ants and what could go wrong? Check out some Ant-man items below.

Marvel Ant-Man Mr. Potato Head

Ant-Man and Ant 3 ¾ in Action Figure and Creature Set

Ant-Man Ant Farm (Who are the marketing wizards who came up with this one)

Marvel Select Daredevil Action Figure

OF course there is no denying The Dude. There is also a lack of The Big Lebowski merchandise so always jump.

And I am a huge fan of the Back to the Future Trilogy and a sucker for the DeLorean so I had to throw this in there. They literally make DeLoreans in my backyard so its only a matter of time before I actually get one.

Back to the Future Iced Time Machine Collector Set Vehicle

That is it for now. Make sure to check out more great toys and action figures at Toy Box One

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