All New Marvel Now Spiderman identity revealed

Well the waiting is over. The identity of the All New All Different Marvel Now Spider-Man identity has been revealed. Hold your breath folks its


Peter Parker.

Mtv had the story.

Are you ready for an all-new, all amazing… “Amazing Spider-Man?” Well get ready, because in October, Peter Parker is getting a new costume, a new global perspective, and a new… Car?


The new series is written by fan favorite Dan Slott, drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli, and has a new costume designed by Alex Ross. But before we get into what’s up with Spider-Man this fall, a quick rundown on how we got here.

Adding another wrinkle? It’s not the traditional red and blue costume of old. The new suit Ross designed has some tech secrets inside of it, beyond the glowing logo.

well there you go.

19 thoughts on “All New Marvel Now Spiderman identity revealed”

  1. Spider-Man having a car is just pointless.. him slinging around the city is way faster than any car. And those front wheels look like they can’t turn very well or at all.. I know this is all entertainment and it’s all make believe but at least try to make it realistic on some level…. 😉

    1. C’mon man. Haven’t you read Old Man Logan? That made me fall in love with the Spider Buggy. It does anything a spider can!

  2. why in the heck would he need a car …who is funding this car…Batman i get ..he’s a millionare..but Morales ..the costume is cool…but the same ..but this car gotta go ..its a waste of ink lol

  3. Well this sucks. I was looking forward to reading the new spiderman. Now I know I will be dropping it. It makes no sense to change the suit and to add a car. What a waste.

  4. Marvel comics has become a pale contrast to what it used to be. Now it just seems to be mostly gimmicks and media fueled, money grabs. I hope this changes in the future but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

      1. I hope so. Not to be vindictive or bitter, just so Marvel can re-group and eventually go back to the basics that actually are enjoyed by most and work.

  5. The spider-mobile is lame yes. But other sketches shows where the wheels lift up and split turning it into a giant spider. It is all being funded by Parker Industries (peters day job). I can see it being used more for others and not spider. Say rescuing innocent from tall buildings and what nots. The tech in his new suit is also Parker Industies.

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