One to watch: Spread Cover Album

I think i have made it well known that I am a big fan of The Spread by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm. The story and art have hooked me from the beginning and I have talked about the “Lone Wolf and Cub meets The Thing” (sorry, elevator pitch) book since before it began. They also have been pretty innovative with the book. They released the Spread Convention Teaser, both Blue and Yellow versions at NYCC a few years back to drum up interest, they are rare and valuable (glad I have both of them), as well as the black and white art book (these almost never come up for sale). They even started the whole Action Figure Variant craze (I know the SCUD issue was the first but the Spread ones made it popular) with their Spread Action Figure Variants. Anyway, and I digress, they releases a rare book this year which is bringing in good money. One is up for sale at a very reasonable price.

The Spread Cover Album, which goes for about $200 and which was limited to 100 copies, has about 1 day left and is going for a steal at $26 currently. This is a must for Spread Fans. I have one (on the way, and no this is not mine.) and cannot wait to get it in the mail. I actually received a package in the mail the other day from Agent Poyo that had a wonderfully rendered drawing of No on it, and was disappointed that it was not the Cover Album (not disappointed with the books or the drawing or the packing by Poyo). Anyway, keep this one on your radars.

9 thoughts on “One to watch: Spread Cover Album”

    1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to infer that it was a buy it now. If it was a buy-it-now at $26 I would have bought it then and there wouldn’t have been much to post 🙂 Waiting on mine to get here so i can slab it and preserve it!

  1. I was watching this the past week hoping I could snipe a second copy since mines out at CGC for grading. Mission Ruined!

  2. I can’t find this copy or the nycc variant that I have in any price guides. Wondering what their actual value may be.

    1. You won’t find it in a price guide. It just came out a few weeks ago. The NYCC will probably not turn up in a price guide either. Best way to figure out value is to go to eBay and check closed sales to see what they are actually selling for.

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