Outcast TV poster released

Very interesting poster was released for the TV version of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast. In addition, con goers at SDCC will have a chance to preview the TV series.

Additionally, there will be a SDCC Photo Variant for Outcast #1, which will feature a recreation of the first cover.

Sounds like SDCC will be a full push for Outcast.


From IGN:

Audiences will get their first look Outcast, the new Cinemax series from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, at San Diego Comic-Con this week and IGN has the exclusive debut of the SDCC poster and comic book cover fans will see at the convention.

The TV show was developed simultaneously with the Skybound/Image comic book that began last year, focusing on Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit), a young man who’s family has been involved in demonic possession his whole life and begins to investigate the bigger reasons why with the help of a Reverend (Philip Glenister).

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  1. #1’s raw 1st prints in NM easily going to keep climbing until show airs. I think the show will be good, if so it’ll climb way higher. Good news.

      1. People thought I was crazy for keeping 20 copies and a CGC SS 9.8 double signed. Now is the time to buy 9.8s. Signed copies are going up in price, but unsigned 9.8s are very affordable.

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