Walking Dead #144, You have been warned

I just got preview images (will post later) of Walking Dead #144 and I am telling you in advance to secure a couple of copies now.

This will sell out! Things have been a little slow since the series jumped ahead 5 years. But I can say with Walking Dead #144, that all changes.

Things are about to get real, and by that I mean a new big bad will be established with Alpha, the leader of the skin suit wearing Talkers.

Check back tonight and I will post the images. It will blow you away. But be warned, Walking Dead #144, is going to be hot. Don’t forget to look for cheap copies of Walking Dead #132 as this is Alpha’s first appearance. There is also the Loot Crate Variant, which had a print run in the 300,000 range, but is still worth looking into.

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  1. I have picked up 4 CGC 9.8 Reg covers for 35-40 bucks each over the last couple months. Let’s see if those pay off…

    It’s been killing me not knowing who or what’s blood is on her machete… Can’t wait till tomorrow…

    1. I secured so many copies of 132 as well.. I haven’t been picking up any graded ones but I have plenty of possible 9.8 sitting in my long box for sure. πŸ™‚

      The only thing that is killing it is the Lootcrate issue which boosted this one to over 300k or so. So I think most people will be seeking out the regular cover when they do, even though it’s kind of craptastic!

  2. This is one of my picks of the weeks I submitted to Tony a day or two ago… I had a hunch somethhing big is going to happen since it’s the end of the 3rd Omnibus and we all know big things happen at the end of Omnibuses. Definitely don’t miss this issue!

  3. Would #138 be more desirable as her first appearance and not just a cameo as in #132? Plus it has a far lower availability what with the flood of loot crate covers. Also, theres a nice SDCC variant of #144 going for fairly cheap on ebay right now.

      1. Yeah, that and if 132 is a cameo, then I think 133 would be considered first full. She was in a couple of issues before 138, we just didn’t know her as Alpha…

    1. 138 will be her first appearance as Alpha. Her first official appearance has been deemed as 132 as a Whisperer from the man himself, Kirkman and Adlard.. as to which one will be more valuable, I’m thinking 132 because it’s not really a cameo, it’s just her with dead skin on covering her up.

  4. Better be good Tony! I just bit the bullet and preordered another SDCC Wraparound cover… If it’s ‘worth it’, I think that’s the cover to have.

      1. That would be so cool.. I’m throwing a damn party when Carl does die, everyone is welcome to come! πŸ˜‰

  5. Not a Walking Dead reader, Tony. I’m running with this one, though. 2x regular covers ordered. 2x SDCC. Let’s see how crazy the internet gets now.

  6. #138 is the first appearance of Alpha
    CGC will not recognize 132 as the first app because “kirkman says so in the letters column.”
    Also her face is not shown and she is not named until #138

    1. CGC are a bunch of turds who don’t have official authority over what’s actual first appearance or not. I’ll take the freaking author and artists word over CGC every single time because regardless of what CGC says, mask or not, that’s Alpha behind the mask and the author confirms it so it’s technically the first time she’s appeared. πŸ™‚

    2. I noticed that the 3 Walking Dead #138 on eBay currently for sale that are CGC, the CGC labels do not indicate them as Alpha’s First Appearance either..

  7. Come on! Tell us!!
    Or at least point us to a web page that will!
    Or Facebook message those that want to know!

      1. There is no sleeping in on new comic book Wednesday… we’re gonna have to remedy this situation.. πŸ˜‰

  8. Wouldn’t it be nice if Carl killed Rick & wore his skin so his dad could go on “protecting” him in this world?

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if Rick finally got tired of bailing his stupid idiot son out and blew the other half of his face off.. <– now that's a better read! πŸ˜‰

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