Variant Envy: Enormous #7 Hoknes Comics Variants

My friend and long time contributor, Terry Hoknes of, is releasing two variant covers for Enormous #7 (aka Enormous Season 2 #1). He is making them available to CHU readers first. I can tell you this, the two variants I released for #6 rarely come up for sale as they were limited and are being held by collectors, I have a feeling the same thing will happen with these.
Hoknes Exclusive Limited Covers of ENORMOUS #7 (vol 2 #1)
Very proud to present 2 different very special ultra-limited print runs for Cover G and Cover H
Creator Tim Daniel has designed two exclusive variant covers for Hoknes Comics
Print run is only 100 copies per cover making these 2 of the rarest Enormous variants ever produced.

Hoknes Comics is proud to present these comics for sale on CHU as thanks
Readers of CHU are getting first grabs at these – these may sell out in less than 24 hours !

Only 100 copies printed of each cover
Each comic is $19.99 (US$)
There is no limit on how many copies you can order.
These comics are already on hand and ready to ship immediately once payment is received.
Paypal =
Email Terry Hoknes with any questions at

Here is the shipping rates
Shipping to USA
1 comic $7.00
up to 4 comics $12.00
up to 8 comics $17.00
up to 18 comics $26.00

Shipping to Canada
1 comic $5.00
up to 6 comics $11.00
up to 30 comics $19.00

Shipping to Europe / Overseas airmail
1 comic $12.00
up to 4 comics $22.00
up to 8 comics $40.00
up to 18 comics $55.00


6 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Enormous #7 Hoknes Comics Variants”

  1. on this!! By the way is the first run of Enormous ending at #6. Being that the new run has a slightly different title. Any insight?

  2. It is not really ending at 6, but the creators were convinced that starting over at #1 would help sales as more people have now heard about it because of the movie announcement. They are doing ‘legacy’ numbering, meaning the new run will start at #1, but also have a smaller ‘7’ on the logo to show sequential numbering. The creators are trying to make everyone happy and get the most sales possible. Nothing wrong with that!

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