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I haven’t a Kickstarter in a while and have two cool ones for you. First up is the return of Elflord in Elflord Reborn. Check out the art on this one. It looks like a must for Elflord fans and fans of books like Nonplayer.

Outland Entertainment is pleased to announce Barry Blair’s fantasy baby is growing into an insanely action-packed new comic book series – ELFLORD REBORN.

Written by Mat Nastos – who worked closely with Barry Blair to start this new series – and featuring artwork from Tony Vassallo and Pedro Figue, the project is part of Outland Entertainment’s venture: The Barry Blair Library .

“It is a privilege and an honor that Blair passed the character along to me and was interested in seeing what I was going to do with it when he passed away.” says the author Mat Nastos. “We had been working together on the new series, so it’s just amazing to get back to it.”

Outland Entertainment wants to continue Barry Blair’s legacy, hence the ongoing ELFLORD REBORN crowdfunding campaign. We want to give the ultimately Barry Blair fan as well as first time readers the chance to (re)discover his works and be amazed by the kickass new series he has inspired.
Nastos keeps the story faithful to Blair’s work, while Tony Vassallo illustrates the most exhilarating battle scenes all brought to life by Sian Mandrake’s colors.

The ELFLORD new series is something every comic fan will not want to lose!

“One of the promises I made to Barry when he passed the rights to his work to me back in 2008 was that I would treat them like my own children. That I would make sure they were handled with the respect and care they deserved. This partnership with Outland Entertainment allows me to uphold that promise and give Barry’s fan-favorite creations the opportunity to shine once more.” Mat Nastos adds.

The campaign has still 14 days to achieve its $7K goal and is offering a range of rewards from digital issues from works such as such as “Blood N Guts”, “Demon Hunter”, “Dragonring”, and “Gun Fury” , exclusive one of a kind covers from Mat Nastos and Jeremy Mohler, special posters and limited signed printed editions.

And to add to each generously full tier, backers will also receive extra digital comics as the Kickstarter achieves the milestones that lead to its success, as well as one of a kind sketches of the most iconic ELFLORD characters, by Mat Nastos himself.

For more details, visit ELFLORD REBORN campaign.





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  1. Wow this art looks sick. The style reminds me of midevil spawn. Very nice I am going to check it out. Thanks Tony

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