Walking Dead #144 Spoilers 

I mentioned earlier that the nice, quiet, county fair having, days of the survivors of the Walking Dead was over. Walking Dead #144 will change all that and set up the Walking Dead universe for something massive.

Spoilers follow.

I am not joking, spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you do not want to know.


Walking Dead #144 will make Walking Dead #132 more desirable as it is Alpha’s first appearance.

So there you go. For those counting at home it looks like:





Dr. Carson



Ezekiel (say it isn’t so!) (but it is)

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      1. I don’t think she wanted that to happen she spoke to Rick about getting her daughter out of there as she will be safe with Rick and company. I think whoever the BETA character is, is the one who ordered that. Just a guess

    1. Also if she ends up on the show as well.. that’s when we’ll see her first appearance rapidly go up in demand while availability goes down..

    2. I don’t think 138 will be as valuable or popular as 132… most will seek 132 as the first appearance issue. 138 is just her revealing her actual face and name.

      1. I disagree. 132 is a cameo last page at best without any information given to who the person is. You can’t tell its a woman nor who it is. In 138 the person takes off the mask and we find out its a woman, she’s bald, and she calls herself Alpha. That is the first full appearance in my opinion. Remember folks it was only after the letter page was addressed that people figured out it was Alpha in 132. Nothing a reader would be able to comprehend until 138. No dialogue that would lend the reader to know just who was under the mask.

        1. Still, she appeared. Agree to disagree.. you go load up on 138 while the rest of us load up on 132 which is clearly the one people will seek. She appeared again before 138, still masked so 138 won’t be her first appearance.

          Sure we didn’t know who she was until 138 by face and name but we knew she existed, putting 2 and 2 together, even without Kirkman saying her first appearance was in 132, most likely would have come to that conclusion thus making it know who it is in 132.

      1. Yep, I even think she might do something to Alpha’s daughter since it’s the only feasible way to get at her… If RK is still up on his game that is. Tbh this whole thing didn’t come as a shock to me, a lot of underdeveloped chars offed at the same time. Whatever. I hope Kirkman has’t lost his balls and actually creates some real drama for a change

  1. Tony with the major spoil! Good work!

    Got my #144s coming. Got my #144 SDCCs coming. Got my #132s. Got my #138s. Let’s see what the market does.

  2. Holy freakin cow ! i held my breath as i was looking and reading the images……. anddddd im off to order some online, and ill be at my local shop first thing in the morning for about 5-10 copies , crazy !

  3. Torturing my facebook friends by posting about the death of “a certain black character with dreadlocks.” haha

  4. as the price of WD #108 plummets…

    Not sure I would go all out on a death issue of walking dead. everyone dies eventually. Crazy stuff though, this definitely gets me excited for the next arc!

    1. I actually like the Tiger but Ezekial was pretty much a wuss.. I never understood why 108 was so valuable.. sure it’s first appearance but he was never really as big as they made him out to be afterwards.

    2. Yeah, I don’t think this one will command a premium like Alpha’s first appearance will.. I think this one pretty much sets that in motion though, as she becomes the main villain against the communities.

  5. Quick question. Who is the male with their face in half shadow. Third picture. First head? Thanks in advance.

  6. It would’ve been a really awesome shocker if we saw Andrea’s head twisting in the wind! Rosita and Ezek did shock me a little.

  7. What about #108? Ezekials first appearance. He has a good following, this makes me sad. Now I wonder if they would bother putting him in the show.

      1. I bought a CGC SS 9.8 x2 a long while back hoping he would be in the show. Maybe I should just sell it now. Michonne is going to be super ticked. Maybe she’ll pull a Rick and freak out on everyone.

    1. The characters ending up in the show helps fuel the prices. Abraham’s first appearance shot up in value on announcement in the show and he was already dead as well in the comic by the time he landed on the show.. 😉

  8. The way Ezekiel ran off to find Michonne last issue, I expected him to be the trouble on the road. But damn…Rosita…that one hit me hard.

      1. Yeah, everyone is talking bout Michonne and I keep wondering about Eugene… How’s he gonna take this??? I looked at it several times trying to convince myself it wasn’t Rosita…

        I’m still in shock.

      2. And what’s really bad is that they were killed and allowed to turn. Looking forward to Michonne and Eugene’s great vengeance and furious anger. 132 should see a lot of heat. 133 would be Alpha’s second appearance, though not named until 138. 135 should pick up as well.

    1. Can’t be killing off all the major characters… and I’m sure now more will certainly die in the near future!

      1. WD needs a fresh round of brutality. Hence why Negan is not dead yet. Rick needs to ally with Negan and go on a rampage.

  9. One thing about issue 132 is it has one of the WORST covers in the whole series; it is seriously fugly.

    1. It likely won’t now or for awhile, too easy to get. Walking Dead’s usually pay off in the long run, not the short run.

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